Racial gifts

  • Assigned racial gifts – each race starts with special items
  • Halflings got bonus for staying barefoot
  • Centaur race slight nerf
  • CANT_FLY flag prevents you from flying (even if equipment got levitation magic)
  • FEATHER_SAVE flag – allows save from certain traps due flying
  • Ent, Hydra, Troll, Golem, Centaur, Naga can not fly
  • new ego item: Dwarven cloak
  • Dangerous potions damage rebalance
  • World change: sea bay at player’s village and less trees in Farfest
  • Prevent MAKE_DOOR and WEB in town
  • Digging in town takes more energy
  • House prices adjusted
  • Remastered volume of all sounds
  • Town NPCs got reduced prices for magic projectiles; scrolls: Identify Rune, *Remove Curse*, Deep Descent, Enchant Weapon To-Hit, Enchant Weapon To-Dam, Enchant Armour
  • TMD_effects thresholds: now you can not be poisoned, slowed, confused, afraid and stunned for almost endless amount of time
  • Necromancer feels better when he casts Darkness spell
  • Bombadil now can not be killed in Old Forest
  • Adding more stuff to dumps: player ID, time, server turns
  • Dump file name now contain time and date insead of turns
  • Dump ‘?’ symbol (tomb) replaced by ‘@’
  • Reassigned player sex default value
  • New message upon choosing sex of new character
  • Added house build tooltip about door
  • Tileset fixes
  • Fix scroll flavor
  • Fix squeaky board trap
  • Fix [STAT_MAX]

PWMAngband updates:

– Allow ignore while looking
– Initialize the RNG on the client
– Refactor hit chance calculation
– Update visuals after successfully tunneling
– For town generation, also clear room flag on the walls
– Remove redundant item testers
– Fill out comments describing curse.txt
– Update help

Please update client to enjoy latest fixes and features

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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