PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 5 & 6

This was tremendous update so we had to wipe server to be able implement new awesome PWMAng features:

– Add message when changing hitpoint warning settings via =h
– Improvements to necromancer spells
– Allow targeting the closest to pick up a target outside the current panel
– Improve ranger spells, update number of extra shots for archers accordingly
– Adjust lighting model to better account for light sources that aren’t
the player or SQUARE_GLOW
– Implement new device failure calculation
– Allow the equipped weapon (if it isn’t stickily cursed) to be thrown
– Avoid randart activations that duplicate or conflict with other artifact
– Prevent creating doors outside of dungeons
– Don’t reposition the player on NO_STAIRS terrain when logging back in dungeons
– Add resistances to elements monsters breathe
– Fix being able to buy back an infinite amount of non-staple items sold in the
General Store
– Avoid the “can move again” monster message if monster is about to die
– Set ego minima correctly
– Fix message when decrementing from a stack when there are multiple similar
stacks (i.e. phase door scrolls or cure wounds potions)
– Change handling of projections with unrevealed mimics
– Change lighting of walls on surface
– Fix compatibility with Angband ladder dumps
– Fix knowledge menus under Linux
– Fix crash when trying to write a parsing error message to server log during
setup phase
– Fix disable_enter option
– Don’t send a “clear” packet when pressing SPACE during setup phase
– Changing font size on Windows doesn’t refresh terms properly
– Incorporate stunning into TAP_DEVICE effect handler
– Unset target after TELEPORT_TO
– Replace hard-coded depth check for caverns with min-level entry
– Introduce effects SET_VALUE and CLEAR_VALUE to align times for multiple timed effects
– Reduce usage of standard string functions strcmp() and sprintf()
– Always initialize second argument passed to scatter()
– Add player “real” name at the end of server dumps
– Update version.rst with bits of MAngband history
– Fill out comments describing curse.txt

During server wipe all dead heroes were sent to enjoy eternal life in Hall of Fame! It’s time to start new adventure 😉

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