Second chance

Tangaria has successfully mitigated many of the common exploits found in roguelikes, which makes our game uniquely challenging. As a result, many of our players find it tough to surpass level 30 or even 20. To honor your efforts and dedication, a new feature has been introduced to support your adventure: Second Chance – giving you a helping hand while preserving the spirit of challenge that defines Tangaria..

  1. If you on the verge of death, your chance will be consumed, and you will be patched up and teleported to a random place, generally more likely to be safer than the place where you were close to death.
  2. The chance that has been consumed is replenished upon reaching certain level milestones: 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. Importantly, these chances are not cumulative; at any given moment, you can possess no more than one chance.
  3. Every time you invoke your chance, all of your gold will be lost. However, this loss is a minor trade-off for the considerable benefit of continuing your progress without having to start over.
  4. To check if you have a second chance or not: see the login message (if you have it – it will be noted right after the account points number).

This feature aims to balance the difficulty and provide a slightly more forgiving experience while maintaining the challenge.

Gameplay changes

  • To make it harder to exploit the chance mechanics and to avoid thieves, you can no longer drop gold inside buildings in town (eg placing it inside your house); however, you can still drop gold outside (eg for hand-to-hand trading with other players);
  • Another helpful feature: when you heal on low HPs (<10%) – you will restore up to 30% HP even if healing was weak;
  • The Staff of Cure Light Wounds is gone; added new Staff of Phase Door (teleport to medium distance, breaks after one use);
  • Some food items no longer heal;
  • The floor capacity cap increased from 8 to 10 (it means that players will be able to store up to 10 items on each floor tile of their house);
  • Trader class rebalance;
  • ENCHANT effects now have an additional delay. Trader class enchant skills also have cooldowns (note: cooldowns restore ONLY while inside the dungeon).

Animation and sound

  • Improved combat animation (slash fx: determine direction);
  • Fixed audio_rate, loop file.0.ogg file.0.mp3, sounds sewers (music looped playback);
  • Updated main-sdl2.c;
  • Updated – do_animations(): animate entire screen, check foreground/background, animate asynchronously;
  • Fixed animation options for dungeon/wilderness, removed check for player;
  • Fixed animation for NPCs;
  • Weather fix (uint8_t);
  • Added more animations (NPCs in 1st location, lava, water);
  • Dubtrain sounds have a new license (CC By 4.0).

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