Golem delux

If you don’t have Num Pad (for example, playing at laptop) – you may consider to play new Golem race which can not move diagonally (use regular 4-direction arrows), but have certain benefits:

  • Golem race can now move only in straight directions (though Golem can move diagonally in town);
  • Instead of food, golems consume oil: from flasks, lanterns, light sources. Oil flasks now rare. You can drink oil by _ key (while not standing on top of fountain);
  • Golem can build clay walls; one per time (as they can not use anti-summoning corridors like other races). It takes time and energy to build one;
  • Golem resistant to poison; suffer a bit less from physical damage; can not suffocate in water; have less speed penalty due overweight;
  • Golems are not resistant to paralysis anymore, but can overcome it sometimes.

Gameplay changes

  • Traveller, Scavenger, Archer classes rebalance;
  • Troll do not have monster list anymore;
  • Naga ESP range reduced;
  • Ooze vulnerable to electricity;
  • Gargoyles vulnerable to acid;
  • Reduce MD chances for some classes which are bound to be worse in magic;
  • Restrict melee classes’ MD penalty to staff/rod/wand (except Teleportation);
  • DETECT_ALL on items won’t show treasures.


  • Added monster’s attack animation;
  • Added default hotkeys to control flow of time:
    – Press 0 to use default value (slow down time when you have less than 60% HP)
    – Press Ctrl+0 to slow down time permanently (so when you will have even small scratch – time will slow down). Useful in dangerous situations.
    – Press Alt+0 to turn off slowing time. Useful when you fight weak monsters.
    I strongly recommend press 0 after each fight so you will be back to default settings. Make it your reflex. So you won’t accidentally turn off “fuse” and forget about it.
  • Fix sound errors;
  • Mayor now sleeps most of the time (and snoring);
  • From now on ladder include only 10+ level characters (but you still can download character dump when you die on low level – via character selection menu);
  • Added Account filter in ladder (so you can find all your characters);
  • Added Name and Monster filters in ladder (so you can find your specific chars or check monster which was most deadly).


  • Don’t use color tags for logs and dumps
  • Prevent trying to add a player to the “Neutral” party
  • Fix double free in Receive_minipos()
  • Use codes rather than the printable names in data files
  • Fix allocation/deallocation of player body
  • Configure categories for the monster knowledge menu from a data file
  • Prevent crash when not finding any suitable destination for teleport
  • In inventory item context menu, change “Drop All” command key to ‘A’
  • SDL2: limit the number of builtin fonts tracked
  • SDL2: return early in pict hook if tiles aren’t enabled
  • Fix Venn diagram room template
  • Add to default keymaps so shift+numeric keypad works for running on more
  • Loosen coupling between MAX_COLORS and the BG_* constants
  • Only redraw the store if you bought something
  • Set Wooden Torches to appear on all levels
  • Restrict entrances to the Fire Festival vault
  • Rework choose_nearby_injured_kin() and remove z-set
  • Avoid using sscanf()
  • Put constants for criticals in constants.txt
  • Clean up message handling on targeted earthquakes
  • Customize spell messages for monsters incapable of speech
  • Drop “light” from the descriptions of some quylthulg varieties
  • Only show the “Throw” context menu option for objects that can be thrown
  • Display spell points even if encumbrance drops maximum to zero
  • Character sheet: use ‘~’ for something with resist and vulnerability
  • Have waybread heal 4d8
  • Give hafted weapons bonuses if the character has the BLESS_WEAPON property
  • Drop OPEN_DOOR and BASH_DOOR on ethereal dragons
  • Impose a distance constraint for non-entry stairs of the same type
  • Trap: skip extra effect or other side effects if the player is dead
  • Have HEAL_HP effect work if there’s no base or bonus in the amount
  • Generation failures: protect against artifact loss and better messages
  • Avoid use of floating-point values
  • Keep generated levels in the bounds set by constants.txt
  • Add diagnostics for missing monster spell messages

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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