Server migration progress

Sorry, guys; we got unexpected delay. For now I’ve stopped (at ~90% total progress) filling tileset DB, cause stumbled at nasty bug – limitation of tiles number (*crossing fingers that Powerwyrm would be able to resolve it*).

In a meanwhile I migrated game to the latest PWMA version. Migration went not too smoth as there is ‘out of bounds’ problem (memory access violation “Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x4C35D8”), which crush client. More details would come soon, Powerwyrm investigating it.

For now I’ll work with world building by using base tiles – cause even without full tileset I could plan where to put buildings, create major landscape etc. Stream with this work would be online today.

UPDATE: ‘out of bounds’ issue debugged and fixed! @Powerwyrm:
in town.txt, towns must have a “short name” defined — see original pwmang town.txt — and you file doesn’t hae that so when the game tried to display the short name, it crashes

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