Server open for dev testing (pre-pre-pre Alpha)

Sever down for maintaince.

I’ve opened server for testing.. It’s VERY bugged, eg:

  • in 70% cases you can’t login to your character. The only way is to try again and again and finally you would login. Also try not to push buttons too fast on login, when while it prompt you. 
  • you can not see other players atm; players are invisible to each other. But you could see if they drop items, fight etc
  • sometimes client crush. After several attempts you could relogin (hopefully)
  • sometimes server just crush. If so you can’t continue playing. Please tell so in discord, I’ll restart it.

There would be a wipe, so don’t worry to die a lot 🙂

This isn’t really ‘public’ test. Please do not report about it on public resources as game doesn’t work properly and I don’t want people get wrong picture.

To play – just download client in ‘Downloads’ section.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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