Monsters came out, new tiles, test coming

  1. I’ve finished to settle monsters at open world locations. Every location got it’s own special monster species around. Severe monsters are less aggressive than in dungeons, so if you would scout around they won’t kill you on sight. Also monsters on surface was tweaked (reduced exp, no loot), some dangerous abilities (summoning) was taken down there (as there are too much empty space on surface, you can’t hide in corridors from summoning). Anyway, it’s testing for now; maybe mobs should be ‘wanderers’, to make it even less dangerous. We’ll see.
  2. I’ve added Terter terrain/water transition tiles (thanks, pal!). Tileset .psd updated. Tomorrow I’ll make stream with world design, using this tiles.
  3. This weekend I’ll turn on server for testing; just before Powerwyrm would come out of vacation, so we could get some more bugs for him 🙂 The problem is that there is one HUGE bug which makes login unavailable in 70% cases; but for testing puproses it will be alright. Cya in-game!

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