Shops & price rebalancing (experimental)

To reduce ‘shop grind’ (need of wating for certain items at stores) were made several experimental adjustments:

  1. refresh time for shops boosted from 250 to 100
  2. added ‘always’ to BM (Black Market):
    – Cure Serious Wounds
    – Cure Critical Wounds
    – Restore Life Levels
    3. added ‘always’ to XBT (Expensive Black Market):
    – Healing
    – Speed
    – Resist Poison
    – Teleportation scrolls
    4. Prices changed:
    – Teleportation scrolls: x5 (40 -> 200 value)
    – Speed potions: x2 (75 -> 150 value)

This is temporary measures to reduce grind because currently there is a problem that it’s not possible to assing ‘normal’ price appearence to BM and XBM. Also more price rebalancing are planned soon. Please leave your feedback!

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