Shops rebalancing

Why we rebalancing shops? Because current balance based at vanilla Angband in which shops got static stock for 10000 turns, so resources are limited to Angband’s player. But they are limited only for one player and it’s pretty alright to have all the shops only for yourself even without restock. As we got a lot of players at the server and all of them needs different items, we have to redesign this gameplay system by adjusting  shops refreshments and prices. Currently players had to wait a lot of time near BM doors to buy consumables and it’s quite grindy gameplay. At the same time prices for some items are too cheap…

Previous tiny attempt to rebalance (yesterday) was focused on XBM (expensive black market) price rearrangment , but it seems that it’s wrong approach, cause x15 prices isn’t right for ‘regular’ items (pots&teleport scrolls), it’s alright for vanilla Angband with limited stock refreshment, but not for multiplayer. At the same time we do not have possibility to use ‘normal’ (which appears from time to time) stock in BM (glitch?), so we got to use ‘always’ flag there. For now (as always, experimental):

Provisioner shop ‘1’
+ normal:potion:Cure Critical Wounds
+ normal:potion:Restore Life Levels
– normal:stone:House Foundation Stone
– normal:scroll:House Creation
always -> normal:digger:Pick 
// to give player at least some necessity to visit ‘1’ shop – to buy occasional cure crit pots there
+ always:potion:Cure Serious Wounds
+ normal:potion:Restore Life Levels
– always:scroll:Life
Black Market
always: (item/old price/increased multi/values)
speed 225 //  x6 (75 -> 450) // now it’s 1500 g
res poison 90 // x3 (30 ->90) // now it’s 300 g
teleport 120 // x15 (40 -> 600)  // now it’s 1800 g
heal (no price changed, 2400 g)

Magic shop

– normal:staff:Magic Mapping // make it more rare
Other rearranged prices:
*heal* 4500 // x2 (1500 -> 3000) // 4.5k is meh for such potion
teleport level x3.5 (800 -> 2800) // major escape
magic mapping scrolls x3 (65 -> 195) // should be nerfed (more details in further post)
Also we need to move server to birth_noselling option when it would be available (you can not sell items to NPC, but you got extra gold). With two modes available it’s impossible to rebalance game economy and also it provides exploits.

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