Spider evolution

← spider race change their appearence during their progress

  • spider now can weave web with y hotkey
  • spider got immunity from poison right on
  • spider start with dried fruits
  • human, hydra, undead, vampire, frostmen, minotaur could get additional food at start
  • vampire, maiar, demonic, spider starting mana reduced
  • maiar, draconian, move slower (but acts faster)
  • demonic start with less shurikens
  • titan and half-giant don’t have trap immunity
  • elemental move slower
  • djinn don’t have slow digestion; slowed regen of mana and hp at low lvs; save reduced
  • titan become more hungry and got additional mana over levels
  • elemental less hp regen and less mana
  • pixie become trap immune
  • dump @ stat.tangaria.com includes timestamp and it became default ordering
  • /retire command to delete character
  • building/buying house is possible from lvl 8
  • fountains, traps and rubbles appear more often

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