Account points & player’s houses

We have new account score system – players can get account points for getting levels and defeating unique monsters. These points do not disappear when you character dies; also they will preserve even in case of server wipe. Account points allows to buy bigger houses, increase storage space, give access to more races/classes and provide other advantages. Most of these advantages do not directly affect gameplay, so roguelikish permadeath aspect won’t suffer. More info about account points in the guide.

To show you account points in-game – press ctrl+r

Player’s houses

  • Buying house now require certain amount of account points;
  • House ownership now bound to account. It means that your house do not disappear after your death (but items inside of it still purged on YASD for the sake of roguelikishness).
  • If you own house, you should refresh it at least ones in a two months so you won’t loose ownership to it. To refresh it – just open the door. Unowned houses now become wiped after some time;
  • Now you can build houses only in Farfest town or to the west from it;
  • A selling house price now based on character’s level;
  • New NPC  – Mayor. He sells bunch of different House scrolls which give possibility to build houses of various size: Cabin, Small/Medium/Big houses, Villa, Estate, Tower, Keep and Castle.


  • Open-sky dungeons: some dungeons now have day/night change. Also OPEN_SKY allows to drop weakly cursed items on the ground and influence other suff. At endgame changing time of the day gives especially big influence to gameplay;
  • Added lakes generation in forest-type dungeons;
  • Fixed floating doors generated in lakes;
  • Some low lvl mages now can’t cast paralyze (to prevent unfair unlucky deaths);
  • Buffed terrified yeek;
  • Disabled life-leech on end-game bosses;
  • Buffed HP of some endgame bosses.


  • TIMED_INC → TIMED_SET for most of buffs; it means that buff duration won’t stuck in most cases; only some classes have such privilege (eg Timeturner class can stack duration of Speed buff);
  • Lowered min. level requirement for early/mid-game items; hardcoded min lvl reqs for some egos: of power, of speed etc;
  • Adjusted passing trees for some races/classes;
  • Identify FEATHER in a water;
  • Removed dull spellbooks;
  • Removed removals/escapes scrolls/staves/rods from NPC shops;
  • Prices in stores revamped;
  • Food rebalanced;
  • New quest rewards: Ration of Food and (rarely) House deed;
  • Fixed possibility to dig stones from ice/sand;
  • Detect magic now got cooldowns instead of causing hallucinations;
  • Ease up a bit DETECT_TRAPS / DETECT_DOORS (to detect magically you must be good in searching);
  • Confirmation if we try to recall from non-reentrable dungeon now works only at mid-game to prevent ID cheeze.


  • ‘Pure-magic’ classes (like mage, shaman, priest etc) become CLUMSY with ranged weapons and especially with throwing, though at high levels they become much more confident in it. As compensation they now got low lvl cheap magic spells;
  • Druid class full redesign (details in the next post) with some unique gameplay mechanics;
  • Redesign of Fighter – now he’s got three stances: balanced, defensive and offensive; you should ‘stance-dance’ between them to be effective;
  • DEADLY (Touch of Death; critical strike buff) now accessible even with low stats (except Warlock), but it’s damage nerfed a bit;
  • Added dodge mechanics (for now for druid’s bird form, but later on will be added to other classes/races too, eg halflings);
  • Also applied some changes in classes: tamer, traveler, villager, hermit etc


  • Some races got different hunger mechanics – eg Vampires get nourishment by killing humanoids, Ents got it from drinking from fountains, Lizardmen got additional nourishment by eating insects, Gnolls can eat rodents. Vampires and Ents don’t get nourishment from common ‘human’ food, while Lizardmen and Gnolls could eat it too. 
  • Some races become BAD_SHOOTER (bad at shooting, but ok at throwing, eg Ents), some become CLUMSY;
  • Rebalanced races, especially titans, half-giants and other OP races;
  • Ents can nourish from potions;
  • Ent CREATE_TREES need less resources, but takes some time;
  • Fix: ‘spider’ race can now pass web;
  • Vampires got less mana during the day and worse in shooting;
  • Wraith race don’t get level feelings;
  • dragon breath cost become a bit higher amount of nourishment;
  • Reduced SHIELD_BASH chance while polymorphed.


  • Weather system visualization: feel rainy day and freezing snow. Weather is turned off by default because of performance reasons; to turn it on:
    =aShow weather → ‘Yes’
    Please note that weather doesn’t work atm in Win client (mangclient.exe). Also it can lag a bit in SDL2 client. The best weather experience is in GCU and SDL1 client for now.
  • Werewolf race skin change at night;
  • A lot of new sounds for different events: entering certain levels, encountering monsters, casting spells; various combat and store sounds, speaking with NPC voice dialogues etc;
  • Client usability macro fix: don’t ask again when finished creating macro.

Technical stuff

  • Volume of sounds adjusted;
  • Fix wiz_forget();
  • Added wiz_unlit and wiz_lit;
  • Fix OPEN_SKY wiz_unlit() (exit store -> darkness);
  • Fix cave_illuminate() for OPEN_SKY (remove enlit);
  • OPEN_SKY fix problem with square’s memorization;
  • Fix build_lake() out of bounds;
  • Automated demolishing wiped unowned house’s walls/door;
  • Added house_count_area_size() to count house area;
  • MotD formatting;
  • Hardcoded possibility to turn on/off permanent class/race flags (dynamic PF_ flags);
  • Log chat messages to server logs;
  • Pet summoning optimization;
  • Added breakpoint to catch fake tombstone bug;
  • Plenty of other minor fixes.

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