PWMAngband (march-june 2022)

  • Reorder checks/confirmations so they happen before additional prompts
  • In open targeting mode, allow running keys to step 10 grids at a time
  • Constrain search in drop_find_grid() to avoid out-of-bounds access
  • Make highscore_read return value consistent
  • Update comment about swap weapons keymap in pref.prf
  • Add configure option to store gamedata on libpath
  • Adjust difficulty of monsters for more players
  • Use C99 types for the fixed size integers
  • Use the color table values in screenshots for COLOUR_DARK and COLOUR_WHITE
  • GCU: also set background color on standard screen
  • Avoid most integer conversion warnings from Visual Studio
  • Add a mode to object_desc() that allows overriding obj->number
  • Add panic directory to windows packaging
  • Add option to include monster list in screenshots
  • Print total number in pack/quiver when dropping, picking up, or consuming
    an item that’s in the pack/quiver or ends up there

  • Improve “puff of smoke” messaging
  • Allow monster races to customize the spell casting messages
  • Clarify rejection message for the fire command
  • Add comma to monster’s name where appropriate
  • Update lib/readme.txt
  • Use a top-level help file customized for the chosen keyset
  • Learn “on wield” runes when picking up ammo
  • improvements to the birth process
  • improvements to changing of background colours
  • adding of a panic directory for panic saves
  • re-organisation of effects code
  • lots of tidying and neatening
  • Change messages when a new keymap is entered
  • Drop phrase in monster name when forming a possessive
  • GCU: for 256 or 88 color terminals, default to using init_color() for the
    color table
  • Clarify message when creating a character with a name that is already taken
  • Prevent entry to shallow dungeons based on max level instead of current level
  • Buffed The Lost Silmaril of Maglor
  • New class: Villager
  • Move effect datafile functions to the right place
  • Mark dice_t* arguments as const if the function doesn’t modify them
  • Add const to pointer arguments for functions in z-util.h
  • Add an iterator-like version of cave_find_in_range()
  • Move remove_object_curse() to obj-curse.c
  • Fix cave_find()
  • SDL2: fix handling of ‘=’ key
  • Take half a turn when taking off/dropping/refilling an item (ported from V)
  • Fix attacking while walking/jumping/running with extra moves not spending
    a full turn of energy
  • Make ui-player-properties
  • Allow more menus to use the rogue-like movement keys for navigation
  • For special artifacts, remove additional out-of-depth check on the kind
  • Make pit walls much less likely to be pierced by steamers deep in the dungeon
  • In the documentation, use lowercase letters with ^ (or Ctrl/ctrl)
  • Change message from “You see” to “You recall” when targeting an unseen grid
  • Add borders around option menu prompts that don’t clear the screen
  • Only identify teleport away/scare/dispel/sleep/turn effects if the monster is
  • Move logic for bookkeeping after a player’s move from move_player() to its
    own function so it can be called in other cases when the player moves
  • Suppress “You have …” message for artifact jewelry when all non-curse runes
    are known
  • Have DETECT_DOORS detect all types of doors, not just secret ones
  • Forget remembered impassable terrain at the player’s grid if the player is
  • Avoid platform-dependent right shift of negative values
  • Add descriptions of all the knowledge menu entries to the documentation
    for the ‘~’ command
  • Modify text when player is aware of a monster via detection or telepathy
  • Revert default ignoring options to “no ignore”
  • Don’t disturb the player when a chest trap is detected
  • Factor in player trap immunity for failed attempts to disable chest traps
  • Fix Triple diamond room
  • Fix awkward word in the description for Create Arrows
  • MotD shown on login in message window (from motd.txt in /lib/screens)
  • Exclude wearing from !* inscription
  • Implement RAND_100 flag and assign it to goldfishes
  • Fix some va_arg argument types in vstrnfmt
  • Add slays/brands to character sheet
  • Change default Enter key behavior in stores
  • Allow to polymorph directly using form name with the V command
  • Learn FEATHER flag when walking on water
  • Remove square_hack_iscloseddoor() hack

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