New druid class

Druids in Tangaria good at martial arts and do not use weapons. They know secrets of nature magic and can shapeshift to different animals (to do so – press V and choose form). Druids hitpoints does not influenced by its forms; they cannot cast spells while in animal form, bad in trap disarming and magical devices. Every 5 levels can learn a new animal form to transform; some forms have innate abilities (to use them, press y key). Druid has to find their spellbooks in the dungeons; such books are not for sale.

Druid forms:
BIRD: fast and able to fly over water and other terrain; can heal (y). Fragile and worthless in combat, but can dodge melee attacks well. Become resistant to gravity at lvl 35.

RAT: harmless and stealthy, rats can sometimes find little cracks and holes in the walls to pass through them. They can avoid traps most of the time and able to sniff items to detect curses on them. Resistant to poison and life drain.

BOAR: find different edible plants which reduce its nourishment consumption; good in mushroom’s identification. Boars are very wise, got high vitality and fearless. Can charge at its enemies from distance (y).

CAT: stealthy and nimble. Can backstab sleeping or fleeing target. Regenerate especially fast, but bad at mana restoring.

WOLF: makes fast vicious attacks; can howl to summon allies (y). Less resistant to magic, except dark arts. Reckless in defense, but generates rage while in combat.

BEAR: tough and powerful, but very noisy and a bit clumsy. Can survive even very harsh blows. Become more resistant to magic at lvl 35. Can bash enemies and stun them.

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