News: tiles, locations, new server, screenshots and SLD2

  1. Added more mountains tileset. They become very handy in creating entrance to Orc Caves dungeon (click to enlarge):
  2. Completed first 3 locations: Hidden Valley, Wolf’s Gorge and Orc’s Mountains. Now working on first town; btw during ru-stream Shtukensia tried her mapping skills, was fun! 😉
  3. Soon we would move to the new server. It’s already ready, just need to finish town and some neighbour location pieces (to put there temporary located dungeons, so game would be playable). Please note that upon moving there would be a full server wipe.
  4. Added some screenshots to the Media section. Please send you screenshots to our discord, I’ll put best of them to the website with your credit 🙂 Atm we need screenshots from the dungeons. Notice: we collect only screenshots made with properly adjusted (32×32 / 48×48) Gervais/ Tangar’s tileset.


  • all classes are now done :sunglasses:
  • installed SDL2 and compiled it, now trying to remove the truckload of compile errors in main-sdl2 because of variables declared in the body of functions instead of beginning.
    GJ  Powerwyrm! It would be great to have SLD2 as it’s got pretty cool features! It could help eg to enhance lightning

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