New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 6 released!

Arrrr Powerwyrm!

– Fix crash when flickering multi-hued players, party leaders and elementalists
– Move dragon breed info to dragon_breed.txt
– Add customizable experience penalty to each dragon breed
– Tweak commonness of dragon breeds to make better ones rarer, make ethereal drake much rarer
– Make white/blue/red/black dragons immune to cold/lightning/fire/acid
– Make Ents vulnerable to fire but decrease their experience penalty a bit
– Display a message when monks get encumbered by armor
– Fix bolt/ball/breath spells not damaging wraithed players
– Allow customized maps for each town except base town (Carn Dûm), set MAngband-style town by default if the corresponding town_xxx.txt file doesn’t exist
– Allow one dungeon in each customized town
– Revert “Make wraithed players also get the IMPAIR_HP flag”
– Make permanent wraithform drain hp and prevent regeneration while the wraithed player stands inside non-passable terrain
– Rebalance player invisibility a bit, nerf permanent invisibility (except for ghosts)
– Make wraithform and invisibility consume a lot of food
– New command in stores: Browse a book (‘b’) or Peruse a book (‘P’)

Please update your clients 🙂

Also I’ve finished internal revamp of Gervais tileset, now everything at it’s right places. Please note that there could be errors in tileset (monsters, objects and terrain could have wrong appearence)  – please report any suspicious stuff via Discord, so I’ll fix it asap.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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