Tileset update and custom maps

During tileset revamp:
– arranged all tiles to UT32;
– added shadows: doors, rubbles, swamp, water, traps;
– added new tiles: hills, shore, nether mist, glass wall, mind/hunger trap, unmagic mushroom patch, The Balrog of the Sammath Naur, vlodblad, lumberjack.
I’ve spend 3 days to do it and was quite ‘squeezed’ by this monotonous work – comparing two tilesets and rearranging existent entries. But I received important experience and it would serve us right 🙂
Powerwyrm made a great update recently which allows customized maps and improved town customization:

1) It is now possible to add ONE dungeon inside a custom town, like it is possible for game-generated towns: first, add a down staircase symbol (‘>’) in town_xxx.txt at the location you want your down staircase to be; second, add your dungeon in dungeon.txt with its name, world position (which should be the same as the town position in town.txt), flags and rules.

2) It is now possible to make the game start in a custom town: first, set your town name and location AS THE FIRST ENTRY in town.txt (remember: DON’T TOUCH THE SECOND ENTRY, it SHOULD be Carn Dûm otherwise the game will be unplayable); second, create your town layout and save it as town_xxx.txt (see Bree and other pre-defined towns as example); third, add a starting point (‘x’) which should preferentially be placed in the middle of the “Tavern” (building labeled ‘8’ consisting of “safe floor” tiles — see pre-defined towns for examples of placing the tavern); and finally, add a town symbol (‘T’) on the metamap in wild_info.txt

So now it’s possible to create proper custom maps! I’m so ‘squeezed’ that can not explicit my emotions right, but deeply inside I’m very happy 😉 So now it’s time to add new tiles…
There is also a bug (it seems) considering wilderness generation, but I hope Powerwyrm would hunt it down (BAM!). We are coming closer and closer to the New World 😀

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