Happy New Eye!

Happy New Year! 😀

  • Less cruel malus to damage while hungry at low levels;
  • Now it’s possible to dig out monsters out of sand, rock or ice (eg earth elementals when digging through mountain);
  • It’s no longer possible to get house foundation stone from digging sand/ice;
  • Now it’s a bit harder to gain parameters with potions;
  • Rollback V addition, so monsters still can hasting themselves;
  • Back to classics: Floating Eye now more dangerous (teleporting away rarely);
  • Mountain Gorge pass got less monsters;
  • Mountain Gorge’s wild cat nerfed;
  • Speed ring/boots price adjusted (become higher);
  • Very Old Ruins dungeon now doesn’t have doors;
  • High elves nerfed a bit, Dark elves buffed a little;
  • “Frost Shield” spell now gives cold brand to Battlemage class;
  • “Frost Shield” buffed;
  • NPC dialogues now doesn’t have price tag;
  • Throwing rocks nerfed; cobbles buffed;
  • Revamped new classes magic weight (max armor weight to avoid mana penalties);
  • New monster family: angels (they were in maiar family before);
  • Fix character creation CPU problem;
  • Restrict tengu and blood falcon’s pits on low dlvl (NO_PIT doesn’t have dlvl customization);
  • Martial Arts fix for druid, hermit and inquisitor;
  • Alchemist class battle potions throwing fixed;
  • Rogue class nerfed: no more speed boni, -1 HP and some minor spells adjustment. Also they level up 10% faster. The reason: rogue can be played very cheezy as players are able to grind same depth with stealth mode for long time. Also they are overall were OP;
  • UNSUMMON_MINIONS spell effect for Necromancer and Assassin.


  • Got small additional life leech (traumaturgy);
  • Early gameplay become easier cause of better stats;
  • New necromancer’s skeleton appearence;
  • Bone Armour spell now heal a bit and also unsummon minions;
  • Necromancer can have more minions;
  • Necromancy Mastery (to summon undeads) now got 45 turns cooldown;
  • Golem summoned only when got free minion’s slots;
  • NETHER proj by Necromancer now are non-resistable by EVIL mobs.


  • Full class redesign: new skills and spells, most of them got cooldowns;
  • Assassin got additional mana and stealth;
  • Assassins early lvl sentries become better;
  • Sentries stay until they are destroyed or unsummoned by master.

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