Lake of change

For the past 1.5 months we had plenty of major game-changer features:

  • Added lakes generation in the dungeons;
  • Added tiny levels generation: now low dungeon levels can become pretty small;
  • New dungeon profile: t_modified;
  • Don’t covert pit walls with water or lava on deep levels;
  • Monster respawn rate based on number of players;
  • Most of early powerful races/class got endgame exp penalty, eg Dragon at 49 lvl get exp factor 900% (means that you level up to 49 level normally, but to get lvl 50 to obtain final and most powerful Great Wyrm form – you need x9 more exp then before);
  • Immunity to the element won’t be faceroll anymore – you will still get small amount of damage;
  • Unsummon minions after teleporting far away to prevent cheezing (killing unaware mobs by minions);
  • Monsters (and especially uniques) can’t move/stomp minion if it’s the only minion of the player (to make fights with MOVE_BODY uniques less painful for Tamer/Necromancer)
  • Hunger: a bit less speed influence on satiation at 50 lvl;
  • Less speed penalty due overweight for some races/classes;
  • DAM_RED now works only VS physical attacks;
  • Added % damage reducement; now it works for some races (instead of raw DAM_RED);
  • Added sound for breaking door;
  • Finish macro =-;
  • Players polymorphed to bats now can ‘run’;
  • Polymorphed players now can open doors while not in the dungeon;
  • Max number of spells per spellbook: 12 -> 25;
  • Using spell show its cooldown (how much turns to wait);
  • Don’t dump 1 lvl chars (don’t add them to ladder);
  • Some spells and skills reworked due new PWMA effect SHORT_BEAM (eg Hermit’s Holy Force spell can be used not only in melee, but also on short distance);
  • Player can get 15 (instead of 10) max mana from racial boni only at lvl 50;
  • Fix wrong floor in Sandworm lair;
  • Fix Detect animal effect;
  • Flying property ID problem fixed;
  • Fix project-mon BR_NETH crush;
  • Fix NULL crush for pit’s restrictions;
  • Fix CHR sleep check crush;
  • Fix monster_is_powerful();
  • Allow wiping house only for heroic admins (use Heroism potion to be able to wipe houses);
  • New game’s version system.


  • NEUTRAL / GOOD monster flags;
  • Don’t kill WANDERER (‘good’ or ‘neutral’ opponents); use ‘defeated’ istead of ‘slain’ in messages for good/neutral monsters;
  • Ectoplasm and doppleganger can clone (multiply) themself sometimes;
  • Skeletons now immune to electricity;
  • Giant octopus can cast more often;
  • Mauhur, the Orc Captain now can drop items.


  • Hide food properties in items description (eat me!);
  • Nazgul attack may destroy your weapon;
  • Word of Recall become deactivated upon changing dungeon level;
  • Allow drop light cursed items at night;
  • Player will need to uncurse items with scrolls much more often;
  • STICKY item description now in red color;
  • Can’t throw cursed items;
  • Cursed Ring of Teleportation activates more often;
  • Potion of Death fix;
  • Flying ring price increased; sling price reduced;
  • Club weight increased;
  • Added possibility to use fast throw with ‘h’ for cobbles;
  • Lamp artifacts replaced to Phials;
  • Added ‘testing cookie’ to test effects.


  • Ents can grow trees with ‘y’ from 5 lvl; got less STR; can’t see invisible and esp animals; can move through trees; after 30 lvl become huornish and got malus to movement speed; they fear fire even if immune to it;
  • Thunderlord got much easier start cause of initial STR and DEX buffed;
  • Beholder: INT, CHR boni; ESP_RADIUS from level 1; full ESP at 50;
  • Hydra can eat scraps of meat without fear;
  • Vampire buffed;
  • Troll SUST_INT removed;
  • Maiar hunger removed;
  • Dragon race got less HP;
  • Half-Giant and Titan nerfed;
  • Monk class for Dragon/hydra nerfed;
  • Gargoyle -5% to all damage;
  • Half-Giant – 7% to physical damage;
  • Titan and Naga got boni to BpR;
  • Golem -10% to magical damage.


ICY_AURA rebalance (affects Mage, Battlemage, Elementalist, Blackguard).


  • Class fully redesigned; in-depth detailed rebalance of spells directly in the code.

Assassin rebalance:

  • Additional blow (Naga race don’t get it);
  • Additional mana over leveling;
  • Can wear heavier armour without mana penalty;
  • Spend less mana on Sentry; they also become more powerful;
  • Bad Feeling gives longer ESP and unsummon minions;
  • Lightning Reflex makes you fearful; mana 2 -> 3;
  • Adrenaline Splash mana 3 -> 4;
  • Shadowstep cooldown (CD) removed; mana 4 -> 5;
  • Nuke: explode around thick 7-8 radius poison cloud and teleports you away; low fail chance;
  • Shield of Blades mana cost: 15 -> 10;
  • Inner Power min lvl: 40 -> 50;
  • Fade in Shadows min lvl: 45 -> 40; also call decoy;
  • Finishing Move mana: 20 -> 15; CD 30 -> 60;
  • Flower of Death mana 35 -> 30;
  • Shadow Decoy replaced to Vampirism spell;
  • Dark Mark min lvl: 50 -> 45; wakes up surrounding monsters; CD 500 -> 300.


  • CHR boni;
  • Less good in shooting;
  • Frog and snake now moves properly; frog become immune to poison; snake damage buffed;
  • Hellcat melee attack now physical, not fiery;
  • Most of spells reduced mana cost, but increased CD;
  • Once Bitten also neutralizes poison and grants you resistance to poison;
  • Summon Pet spell removed.
  • Froggie’s Jump gives possibility to resummon your pet; teleport distance reduced;
  • Good Treatment: you treat your pet so it regen it’s wounds (new REGEN_PET effect);
  • Dragon Friends effect prolongated; got CD 300;
  • Veterinary doesn’t require mana;
  • Heal Pet more mana cost;
  • New spell ‘Rabbit’s Feet’: increases you movement speed for a short while;
  • New spell ‘Eagles Help’: brings you far away from current spot to another level.


  • Hide Tracks replaced to Create Traps;
  • Day of the Misrule removed heroism;
  • Far Escape reduced fail chance;
  • Fast Recall reduced fail chance; you may spend some satiation on this magic.
  • Trick or Treat reduced fail chance.


  • Fireball now become signature move for the mage: it got increasing power over levels while staying low mana;
  • Frost Attunement buffed;
  • Elbereth spell (inspired by Nethack).


  • Mana Bolt spell replaced to Battle Telekinesis.

Crafter, Alchemist, Scavenger, Traveller, Trader, Adventurer buffed – some got possibility to summon/craft golem or sentry; some got boni to HP or stealth.

Folks! Hosting of the game’s server cost 20$/month. Currently patreon supporters cover only half of it (9$); another half I had to pay myself, so you all can play.. not even speaking about about all this efforts which I put into the game development. Having to pay for server hosting myself is quite demotivating 🙁 Sure thing, even if no one will donate, I’ll continue to support server by myself anyway. But seeing that I’m not the only one who is interested in the game is very nice feeling. It’s not the question of money, but of the motivation.

If you like the game – please consider to support it at Patreon:
Even 1$ tier will be greatly appreciated as it’s a sign that you like the game ❤️

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