PWMAngband updates

– Improved support for SDL2 client (compiling using Embarcadero C++ 7.30)
– New Android client (pre-alpha)
– Show spell description by default when browsing
– Apply temporary and off-weapon slays and brands to unarmed combat
– Fix unarmed rogues able to “stab” monsters
– Add a return value to new_player_spot() to indicate success/failure
– Restart cave generation in case of failure in new_player_spot() instead of generating a panic save
– Tidy up vault_chunk()
– In ranged_helper() get the object description after the knowledge updates
– Split effect handlers into multiple files
– Move choice between the old and new vaults to dungeon_profile.txt
– In TAP_UNLIFE, cancel the target set if the creature dies
– Modify the comment about room cutoffs in dungeon_profile.txt
– Update scalable 16x16xw.woff to the newest upstream version
– Allow ‘@’ to fast forward the birth process using random choices and a default point buy for the statistics
– Fix crash when enabling/disabling tiles during character creation
– Rewrite scatter() and add an extended version
– Make calc_inventory() more efficient
– Simplify prepare_next_level()
– Split target_set_interactive_aux()
– Remove random roller, use default roller instead
– Change keymap terminator to =
– Change key to reset birth options to the Angband defaults
– Reduce monsters passing through or tunneling walls
– A couple of minor fixes
– Stop monsters hasting themselves
– Fix crash during ego/artifact generation by saving ego/artifact indexes as u16b instead of byte
– Move the modifiable bits of the artifact structure into their own structure and make the artifact structure const
– Limit the maximum number of attempts at rooms for modified and moria chunks
– Cache the result of is_quest() in the dun_data structure for cave generation
– Don’t set player upkeep flags when using an item from the floor
– Relax assumption that ignore_type_of() for all ego items is not ITYPE_MAX
– Tidy logic for message about revealed object when rubble cleared
– Use TF_LOS, remove square_iswall()
– Perform the extra color table set up for more than 16 colors in init_gcu
– Improve object origin merging
– Update attack.rst
– Put in first draft of “how it works” documentation for dungeon generation
– Changed purchase message to show if a book is not usable
– Allow negative cost for object kinds to tag them “not for buying” in stores
– Add option to hide controlled monsters in monster lists
– Prevent calling exit_game_panic() after shutdown_server() succeeds
– Add missing checks when switching place with a friendly monster or another player
– Prevent switching place with another player if standing on potentially harmful terrain
– Check for dead monster/player when fading detect over time
– Fix potential crash with standard roller
– Implement SHORT_BEAM effect, replace BOLT_MELEE effect by SHORT_BEAM with length 1
– Add /race and /class custom commands to display race and class stats during play
– Limit ESP_RADIUS to 75% of z_info->max_sight if LIMITED_ESP is set
– Fix out of bounds crash when generating a death dump from a small labyrinth level
– Fix moronic crash when looking at a pile of floor-size items on the floor
– Allow curative spells/potions to heal controlled monsters
– Fix moronic bug allowing players to walk while paralyzed
– Fix spell info/description for spells using SET_VALUE or spell power (elementalists)
– Remove some suspect uses of format()
– Refactor object_similar()
– Refine combining origins
– Account for SET_VALUE/CLEAR_VALUE effects in get_spell_info()
– Remember cursor size
– Stop treating quiver items as wielded for learning of runes
– Remove bogus END_INFO effect
– Allow permanently polymorphed DMs, turn ghost mode off in that case
– Tweak dragons a bit, reduce HP bonus from high level forms by roughly 5%
– Set kind’s cost for special artifacts
– Fix Cloud room template
– Correctly set mana pool cap to +10 from items and +15 overall
– Add spell name to spell info sent to client to allow keymap by spell to work properly
– Fix object_all_modifiers_are_known()
– Redraw equip subwindow when inscribing items in the quiver
– Put in first draft of “how it works” documentation for dungeon generation
– Update comments in artifact.txt, ego_item.txt and object.txt
– More consistent background handling
– Allow yes/no interface options to carry over between characters
– Allow dumping a color with all zero components if in the basic colors
– Add Term_redraw_all()
– Generate sounds when entering or leaving stores
– Fix crash in file_newer()
– Don’t overwrite a normal save with a panic save
– Fix some comments in z-file.c
– Adjust brief description for commands

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