Mana rain!

Previously we had “mana design” which implicitly forbad certain races-classes combos. It was quite hard for new players as they started with these combos, got pwned and frustrated. So as while for now we don’t have hardcoded function to restrict these combos, I’ve decided to make an experiment: allow all races to be more or less successful in magic if they will choose appropriate class. Actually this system looks pretty interesting and may be better than just simple forbidding certain combos… if we will manage to rebalance it properly – please test and report any combo imbaness in our discord 🙂

So.. Astrologers proclaim the week of Mana Rain!

Except mana, there are plenty of other changes in races, check github to see them.

Also there is a new feature in Tangaria – all new players receive Small House Creation scroll with which they could build a house for free if it costs less then 10k. Just get 8 level, dig a mountain a bit (digging inside of the dungeon could harder, but takes less energy) to get House Foundation stones and build! To be able to build bigger houses you should get House Creation scroll which could be rewarded for completing quest (Ctrl+q to get the quest; you need to be 20+ lvl to be able to take quest).

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