PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 4

– Implement a music system
– Allow starting “gifts” depending on chosen race

Powerwyrm: For PWMAng I want a system without any cfg file, the music needs to be played just by setting a directory. I don’t want to be forced to edit sound.prf each time I want to change music tracks. There is no need to “duplicate” the sound engine for music, a simple “open a random mp3 file in a directory and play it” function called each time a player changes level should be enough. … Playing different music for each dungeon should be as simple as passing the world coordinates to the function that tells the client to play the music. Then it’s only a matter of defining where to read the music files.

Yay! Cheers to Powerwyrm and Serega88! Now you could download Tangaria’s official music pack, put it to Tangaria\lib\music and enjoy! Soon I’ll also prepare yet another unofficial music pack with soundtracks from oldschool RPGs 😉

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