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Long time past since previous patchnotes.. but work going on constantly as always 🙂 I am just a bit lack of time to put it all together and post in the website hehe. To see what’s going on in real-time: join our discord channel and you will see info about daily updates!


  • Phaseblade, Battlemage, Knight classes full redesign
  • continue Wizard class rebalance: it’s focused around spell mana restoration by Polymorph spell; increased mana cost for some spells
  • rebalanced starting money (gold) for some races/classes
  • teleport distance hardcode for Scavenger’s “Roll”
  • Knight-Fighter-Scavenger skills now immune to antimagic
  • Knight-Fighter-Scavenger no fail for skills


  • prevent seduce attacks to remove FA item
  • drain light from monsters is more severe
  • added more EAT_LIGHT mobs
  • more satiation to loose on drain_exp
  • labyrinth (maze) nerf loot


  • 2Handed weapon boni
  • detect treasure nerfed – now it triggers hallucinations (exception: scrolls)
  • make it harder to take off cursed items
  • text label for level req.: red text only if you can’t wear an item
  • hack to adjust minimum items req. lvl (will be changed soon)
  • new drain light trap


  • new ambient sounds system
  • sounds dialogues when you approach NPCs
  • added possibility to change volume of music dynamically
  • a lot of new sounds events – for killing different monsters, operating with objects, sounds for different equipment operation, casting various spells etc
  • added dozens of new sounds, including soundpack from TomeNET
  • “bells” now sounds only in player’s stores
  • “store leave” sound play only for player’s stores
  • moved quiver sound (to prevent double sound on dropping projectiles)


  • prevent ground-swap-curse-cheeze
  • unsummon minions fix
  • player now can bind ‘=’ hotkey
  • char creation: no BpR count for MA classes
  • red_ink message color



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