Slime Mold Juice

I’m sorry that I didn’t post on website about Tangaria internal changes for a while; the work going constantly and you could see the progress in GitHub… As always – I had a drop in time to gather everything for website and postponed writing patchnotes for a while. But I’ll do better next time – I’ve decided to ditch translations of patchnotes in Russian for each update, so from now on informing about changes will become more fun for me 🙂


  • Location redesign
  • All races got 125% exp modifier; weak races buffed
  • A lot of races were rebalanced… it’s quite hard atm to find differentces history as they are in different places in different time on GitHub. But something what was easy to get:
    – Human buff (more sturdy)
    – Black numenorean req. 35 → 25 lvl for ESP lvl
    – Half-giant got thick hide
    – Swamp troll less silent
    – Temporary compensation of NO_TELEPORT for giant: long legs 😀
  • Reordered races/classes in character creation screen to put up most newbie-friendly ones
  • Reduced amount of gold in middle game
  • Archer class rebalance (stealth, hp, see_inv, MD, save)


  • Food become more rare
  • Potions nourishment revamp
  • Useless rings/amu buffed
  • Terror and Paranoia mushrooms revamp
  • Cure Wounds potions got 1 turn immunity to confusion
  • Removed DRAIN_EXP from most of items (including randarts and nazgul rings) to prevent cheating
  • Reduced drop chance of polymorh rings
  • Useless arts buff
  • !enlight/*enl* drop chance reduced
  • Added nourishment probabilities for cure wounds potions
  • Light_map make you hungry
  • Monster confusion scroll duration fix
  • Missile Launchers become much more rare on low-lvls and expensive
  • Bows rebalance for early game
  • Roguelikish revamp of a lot of consumables (unusual effects)
  • Empty bottles & water nourishment rebalance
  • Added Palantir of Westernesse (from V + revamp)


  • Lowered rarity of Glutton Ghosts
  • Pixie and fairy not insects anymore
  • Pixies got more mushroom friends
  • Watcher boss revamp
  • Fixed shapechange for Baba Yaga
  • Shadowfax, night mare, unicorn fix
  • Viy got new appearence
  • New monsters: Hobgoblin, Giant Gnat, Evil Iggy
  • Harrowen speed nerfed
  • Solovei FIRE resistance removed
  • Old Man Willow buff
  • Ettenmoor bosses revamp
  • Increased EXP from boss
  • Nerfed Kikimora and fixed her FORCE_DEPTH
  • Nerf: black mamba, priest, rainbow vortrex
  • Black orcs won’t poison you so often
  • Mad Woodman and Freesia got drops


  • Reduced townie fish speed
  • Town habitants limited to 100
  • Move rocks away to 1 store; revamped archery store
  • Revamp staircase descriptions
  • Fixed errors in NPC dialogues
  • Fixed wrong entrance to Maze
  • Severs boss buffed and now casts spells
  • Moved some animal-townies from dungeons back to town.. some of them become friendly
  • Removed EXP drain from open-world mobs
  • Added ‘fill’ for Illusionary Castle and Abandoned Manor


  • Hills in dungeons → .
  • Passable ruins → .
  • Trees: * → #
  • Fountains -> white color to blue
  • Water fixes
  • NPC -> symbols instead of @
  • Wooden walls -> `u` color & no TORCH
  • Fixed town walls appearence
  • Non-passable trees * → #
  • Sand floor fix
  • Stairs become bright white


  • Server runs in debug mode directly in IDE (thanks to Powerwyrm for help with setup) which is deadly useful for bug hunting
  • Addon improvements
  • Config now got IP instead of domain to increase sustainability (domain still works for metaserver status)
  • Added 21x31tgs font with smaller floor dots
  • Added 21x31x font – raw alpha-resize of 16×24
  • Hobbits renamed to halflings in tileset mapping
  • Rogue and Moria tributes: monsters and easter eggs (This tastes like slime mold juice)
  • Cool stuff by Serega88:
    Translation framework
    Linux installation fix
    Shell-script for Linux

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