Tangaria ladder!

Tangaria ladder is there! https://stat.tangaria.com/ Thanks to Shtukensia for (sh)coding! It includes all recent character dumps which I’ve managed to find and some old ones from oook. This dumps are 100% legit as players can’t change .txt files to cheat – this files taken directly from server (except dozen from oook, but I’ve verified them too long time ago). I’ll update the ladder from time to time. And Shtukensia will implement more cool features soon!

Shtukensia published ladder to GitHub: https://github.com/shtukensia/Tangaria_Ladder . It’s really cool and important as we should develop new features, not to repeat the same task in different dev teams. Oook, MAngband and TomeNET ladders’ code is kept secret, though I’ve asked devs to publish it 🙁 So we made first step to open-source in this field and hoping that other devs will do the same one day. Share and improve!

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