Understanding of world design

Phew. This is it. Added MOAR mountains and trees (ru stream). Also added new tiles with special lightning – to create dark and atmospheric narrow passages. I really hope it’s last tiles additions for now – I wanna proceed to MAP at last! 😀

I’ve understood new important thing – that location design is like creating a movie – you should not only try to make it realistic.. Actually sometimes it’s vice versa in our case because we got pixel-art style. The most important thing to make it look ‘nice’ and balanced. It’s art of design.. Previously I’ve had some experience in graphic design – it’s mainly control of elements and forms and their relations. 

Before problem with mountains (when I put there too many different pieces together), I didn’t had feeling that location design got something common with traditional graphic design.. But actually there are a lot of common – elements and forms, colors and contrasts. You have to look at your location as at ‘picture’, not just trying to make it look diverse and like in ‘real-life’ (taking into account geomorphology principles etc). 

Resume: properly designed map with 30 different tiles could look much better, than very diverse and erratic map made of 300 different tiles.

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New trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls

Ok, I’ve added moar stuff to terrain: trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls etc, and added it to DB in todays’s stream. It’s super hard to stop working on new tiles, cause it’s becomes really fun after you get some experience with graphics making 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll assign it to Tiled and continue to work on the map.. I swear! No more new tiles for now 😛

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Process: blackguard added, new terrain tiles

@Powerwyrm: blackguard added! and instead of 8, the class comes with 20 spells! Many ideas imported from D&D blackguard, should be fun

I’ve finished adding new terrain for now; new 20+ different types of grass tiles – with dirt, small stones, leaves, hills etc. Tomorrow I’ll add them to DB and continue to design the map.

For newcomers: just wanna point out that atm server got old version of the game; all this updates not released yet, but soon ™ they would be live 😀 

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Tileset: boulders, branches, stumps

Added ~25 new tiles (boulders, branches, stumps) in yesterday’s stream in Russian.
Now I wanna add some tree trunks and maybe leaves.. so main area would look more ‘natural’…
Damm I’ve sweared to myself that I won’t add more stuff to tileset till I’ll finishe first location.. But I couldn’t hold my temptation to add more little details 😀
Time to make work faster and effective. I’ll do my best!
.psd with tiles updated
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Roguelike gamedev LOCATIONS DESIGN

Status update and talk about online roguelikes in today’s stream:

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Locations schemes implemented

In past ru-stream I’ve made draft for locations positions. There is an ‘problem’ with Tiled cause MAngband coordinate system is different from Tiled ones. It looks like, soon Tiled would have an update which would give possibility to invert Y-axis and we would be able to have compatible location coordinates 🙂 Cause for now I have to change coordinates manually, which is pretty dull.

Powerwyrm finished ranger class rework; just blackguard left – it’s a new class from V! 🙂

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Maps are in Tiled and classes rework

Thanks to Ilius, who helped with .bat and regular expressions – to auto-generate 7500 map files and integrate them to Tiled! 😀

So far Tiled could work only with ~100 maps at once, but it’s ok to work on world part-by-part.

Powerwyrm almost finished huge job with rearranging magic: paladin + rogue done.. aaand rogues now can steal from monsters 8) Update is coming closer!

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Animals: done!

Now we got a lot of animals and birds lurking around in the wilderness around towns. Also some villagers would have pets (meow!) in their houses 🙂 Btw players would be able to ‘rescue’ pets from the dungeons for their houses too hehe

.psd with new tiles updated. Tomorrow I’ll start with new location!

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Starting with animals

Ok, work burning 🙂 Stream in English:

And a bit soon I’ll continue at my Russian channel. It’s my last announce of streams at web-site for now; to see more – please sub to my YT channels 😛

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Broken tileset fixed

  • added link to new .psd tileset source (download section)
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