Bit by bit

  • ASCII mountains ^:y ^:r → ^:u
  • Early game truearts weapon went 5-10 lvls up
  • Imba truearts weapons lvls up
  • Assigned 0 allocs for trueart weapons
  • Blinking dot become lurker
  • New monsters (ZAngband): It; Stormbringer; Null, the Living Void
  • New artifacts: ‘Stormbringer’, ‘Excalibur’
  • Stormbringer become an ‘object’ (move Grond and Crown to objects too?)
  • Gold table revamp: the recess moved up; min become 10 → 15
  • Added 20+ graphical fonts
  • All vanilla PWMA fonts now got additional 1-bit graphics. If you wish to play in ASCII-only mode: replace .prf files with Tangaria\lib\customize\font-xxx.prf.default
  • ASCII: added 1bit graphics for dungeon bosses, nazguls and some townies // White Barlog become… white 🙂
  • Changed structure of .prf files up to new PWMA standarts 

In the discord you can now choose your class in Tangaria and your choice will change the color of your nickname. To assign a class, on channel #bot:
=rank1 → a list of classes will be shown; it is on two pages, look through (the command p2 to go to the second page) and enter the number.

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Dec 18, 2020)

– Buying house command moved to ‘H’ (original keyset) and ‘£’ (roguelike keyset)
– Forget memory of the old level when a player that saved during day connects back during night (or vice versa)
– Respawn NO_DEATH monsters every dawn if they somehow disappeared
– Account for throwing weapons in the quiver within pack_slots_used() and

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Slime Mold Juice

I’m sorry that I didn’t post on website about Tangaria internal changes for a while; the work going constantly and you could see the progress in GitHub… As always – I had a drop in time to gather everything for website and postponed writing patchnotes for a while. But I’ll do better next time – I’ve decided to ditch translations of patchnotes in Russian for each update, so from now on informing about changes will become more fun for me 🙂


  • Location redesign
  • All races got 125% exp modifier; weak races buffed
  • A lot of races were rebalanced… it’s quite hard atm to find differentces history as they are in different places in different time on GitHub. But something what was easy to get:
    – Human buff (more sturdy)
    – Black numenorean req. 35 → 25 lvl for ESP lvl
    – Half-giant got thick hide
    – Swamp troll less silent
    – Temporary compensation of NO_TELEPORT for giant: long legs 😀
  • Reordered races/classes in character creation screen to put up most newbie-friendly ones
  • Reduced amount of gold in middle game
  • Archer class rebalance (stealth, hp, see_inv, MD, save)


  • Food become more rare
  • Potions nourishment revamp
  • Useless rings/amu buffed
  • Terror and Paranoia mushrooms revamp
  • Cure Wounds potions got 1 turn immunity to confusion
  • Removed DRAIN_EXP from most of items (including randarts and nazgul rings) to prevent cheating
  • Reduced drop chance of polymorh rings
  • Useless arts buff
  • !enlight/*enl* drop chance reduced
  • Added nourishment probabilities for cure wounds potions
  • Light_map make you hungry
  • Monster confusion scroll duration fix
  • Missile Launchers become much more rare on low-lvls and expensive
  • Bows rebalance for early game
  • Roguelikish revamp of a lot of consumables (unusual effects)
  • Empty bottles & water nourishment rebalance
  • Added Palantir of Westernesse (from V + revamp)


  • Lowered rarity of Glutton Ghosts
  • Pixie and fairy not insects anymore
  • Pixies got more mushroom friends
  • Watcher boss revamp
  • Fixed shapechange for Baba Yaga
  • Shadowfax, night mare, unicorn fix
  • Viy got new appearence
  • New monsters: Hobgoblin, Giant Gnat, Evil Iggy
  • Harrowen speed nerfed
  • Solovei FIRE resistance removed
  • Old Man Willow buff
  • Ettenmoor bosses revamp
  • Increased EXP from boss
  • Nerfed Kikimora and fixed her FORCE_DEPTH
  • Nerf: black mamba, priest, rainbow vortrex
  • Black orcs won’t poison you so often
  • Mad Woodman and Freesia got drops


  • Reduced townie fish speed
  • Town habitants limited to 100
  • Move rocks away to 1 store; revamped archery store
  • Revamp staircase descriptions
  • Fixed errors in NPC dialogues
  • Fixed wrong entrance to Maze
  • Severs boss buffed and now casts spells
  • Moved some animal-townies from dungeons back to town.. some of them become friendly
  • Removed EXP drain from open-world mobs
  • Added ‘fill’ for Illusionary Castle and Abandoned Manor


  • Hills in dungeons → .
  • Passable ruins → .
  • Trees: * → #
  • Fountains -> white color to blue
  • Water fixes
  • NPC -> symbols instead of @
  • Wooden walls -> `u` color & no TORCH
  • Fixed town walls appearence
  • Non-passable trees * → #
  • Sand floor fix
  • Stairs become bright white


  • Server runs in debug mode directly in IDE (thanks to Powerwyrm for help with setup) which is deadly useful for bug hunting
  • Addon improvements
  • Config now got IP instead of domain to increase sustainability (domain still works for metaserver status)
  • Added 21x31tgs font with smaller floor dots
  • Added 21x31x font – raw alpha-resize of 16×24
  • Hobbits renamed to halflings in tileset mapping
  • Rogue and Moria tributes: monsters and easter eggs (This tastes like slime mold juice)
  • Cool stuff by Serega88:
    Translation framework
    Linux installation fix
    Shell-script for Linux
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Dec 11, 2020)

– Implement the ‘/house’ chat command to purchase a house
– Allow ‘~xxx’ inscription along ‘for sale xxx’ to price items in player shops
– Blackguard tweaks
– Slightly tightened shape change logic
– Add pre-processing to chat messages to look for ‘/’ commands

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Dec 8, 2020)

– New option: Compare equipment when examining items
– Add Ctrl+E toggle_inven_equip command from V (minor bug: don’t use it if you made these windows in SDL client hidden)
– Buying house command moved to ‘H’ (original keyset) and ‘§’ (roguelike keyset)
– Add Acenoid’s vaults
– Change House Foundation allocation/rarity
– Ensure grids on the target path are hit by projections in project()
– Fix crash when calling make_gold() with NULL player parameter
– Make dungeon profile selection less error-prone
– Added a debugging command to dump the current level as an HTML file
– Dump each item/monster/vault allocation to #cheat channel in debug mode
– Ensure old players are not placed into newly created parties with colliding
party ids
– Add paranoia check to avoid walking out of bounds
– Compiling with Embarcadero C++ 7.20
– Update docs for option customization

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Nov 27, 2020)

– Added commands to birth option screen to save and restore custom birth options
– Change the way topline message is displayed
– Stop quest artifacts being stealable
– Move message truncation from server to client
– Add “wrap_messages” option to word-wrap long messages in sub-windows

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Nov 20, 2020)

– Macro Action Generator (3 new options to keymap screen)
– Fix message truncation in windows client
– KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX increased from 20 to 30

Macro Action Generator gives possibility to arrange a hotkey to any action very easy and comfortable! There is 3 types of macro generator:

  • Keymap by command – include all types of actions, character and interface managment
  • Keymap by item – gives possibility to assign use of any item from your inventory (will automatically list all items which you got)
  • Keymap by spell – assign macro for any of spells which you know (shows the list)

Feature currently in testing, please provide your feedback in our Discord.

There is a temporary issue with messaging colors for new client; it will be fixed soon.

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Nov 16, 2020)

Feature “macro by name” has been extended to work with quotes (r"Phase Door") and spells (m"Frost Bolt")!

  • Enter and leave query-item-by-name mode via quote symbol
  • Make hostile visible players prevent running
  • Make sure player-player visibility is refreshed when changing level
  • Compiling with Embarcadero C++ 7.20
  • Add possibility to macro by spell names
  • Disable banishment in dwarven halls
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Nov 5, 2020)

– Change rules for stealth/noise checks
– Do not speed up time with monsters in LoS
– Handle topline ickyness when confirming suicide
– Improve comments for do_cmd_store
– Collapse “mangclient_xxx.ini” into “mangclient.ini” (sdl + gcu)
– Fix crash when quitting GCU client in debug mode
– Open correct directory when selecting fonts
– Add “instance_closed” option
– Add possibility to macro by item names
– Fix some really obvious warnings
– Dungeon Master menu: allow generating true artifact directly by name
– Add version number to “incompatible client version” error message
– Add client option to disable running when in line of sight of a nonmovable monster
– Stop allocating too much font resources
– Make Dungeon Master trap immune
– Give a warning when entering a gauntlet level
– Change default FPS from 1 to 50
– Fix lag bar under Linux
– Add “monster feeling always, no object feeling” choice to LEVEL_FEELINGS server option
– USE_NCURSES define
– Prevent level 0 monster races from being used as shapechanger forms
– Allow BASH_DOOR forms to open/close house doors and bash down other doors
– Only allow rings of polymorphing to be generated in the dungeon
– Make rings of polymorphing more powerful but much rarer
– Sort killed list (for polymorphing) from highest to lowest level
– Decrease the kill requirement with perfect affinity from 1/2 to 1/4
– Give +1 moves every 10 speed instead of +5 speed to shapechangers under level 20
– Halve the energy gained from extra moves
– Allow inscribed throwing weapons to be quivered
– Adjust size of gauntlet levels
– Stop SMASH_WALL removing floor features
– Display forms that are 50%/75% learnt in orange/yellow on the killed list
– Allow filling empty bottles from water tiles
– Make sure player-player visibility is refreshed when changing level
– Make hostile visible players prevent running
– Compiling with Embarcadero C++ 7.20

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 4

– Adjust food again
– Changed some vaults and interesting rooms so the tunneling code can always connect them properly
– Implement water and tree tiles in vaults
– Add CHALLENGING_LEVELS server option to make dungeon levels more challenging
– Activate “hard centre”, “lair” and “gauntlet” dungeon profiles
– Add a facility to dump a level (as HTML) for post-mortem analysis
– When loading a savefile discovers a mimic with no mimicked object, just delete the mimic instead of making a new object
– Allow negative MOVES
– Adjust damage per mana value of some spells

Also our server moved to a new hosting. No lags should appear!

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