PWMAngband updates

– Improved support for SDL2 client (compiling using Embarcadero C++ 7.30)
– New Android client (pre-alpha)
– Show spell description by default when browsing
– Apply temporary and off-weapon slays and brands to unarmed combat
– Fix unarmed rogues able to “stab” monsters
– Add a return value to new_player_spot() to indicate success/failure
– Restart cave generation in case of failure in new_player_spot() instead of generating a panic save
– Tidy up vault_chunk()
– In ranged_helper() get the object description after the knowledge updates
– Split effect handlers into multiple files
– Move choice between the old and new vaults to dungeon_profile.txt
– In TAP_UNLIFE, cancel the target set if the creature dies
– Modify the comment about room cutoffs in dungeon_profile.txt
– Update scalable 16x16xw.woff to the newest upstream version
– Allow ‘@’ to fast forward the birth process using random choices and a default point buy for the statistics
– Fix crash when enabling/disabling tiles during character creation
– Rewrite scatter() and add an extended version
– Make calc_inventory() more efficient
– Simplify prepare_next_level()
– Split target_set_interactive_aux()
– Remove random roller, use default roller instead
– Change keymap terminator to =
– Change key to reset birth options to the Angband defaults
– Reduce monsters passing through or tunneling walls
– A couple of minor fixes
– Stop monsters hasting themselves Continue reading

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Lake of change

For the past 1.5 months we had plenty of major game-changer features:

  • Added lakes generation in the dungeons;
  • Added tiny levels generation: now low dungeon levels can become pretty small;
  • New dungeon profile: t_modified;
  • Don’t covert pit walls with water or lava on deep levels;
  • Monster respawn rate based on number of players;
  • Most of early powerful races/class got endgame exp penalty, eg Dragon at 49 lvl get exp factor 900% (means that you level up to 49 level normally, but to get lvl 50 to obtain final and most powerful Great Wyrm form – you need x9 more exp then before);
  • Immunity to the element won’t be faceroll anymore – you will still get small amount of damage;
  • Unsummon minions after teleporting far away to prevent cheezing (killing unaware mobs by minions);
  • Monsters (and especially uniques) can’t move/stomp minion if it’s the only minion of the player (to make fights with MOVE_BODY uniques less painful for Tamer/Necromancer)
  • Hunger: a bit less speed influence on satiation at 50 lvl;
  • Less speed penalty due overweight for some races/classes;
  • DAM_RED now works only VS physical attacks;
  • Added % damage reducement; now it works for some races (instead of raw DAM_RED);
  • Added sound for breaking door;
  • Finish macro =-;
  • Players polymorphed to bats now can ‘run’;
  • Polymorphed players now can open doors while not in the dungeon;
  • Max number of spells per spellbook: 12 -> 25;
  • Using spell show its cooldown (how much turns to wait);
  • Don’t dump 1 lvl chars (don’t add them to ladder);
  • Some spells and skills reworked due new PWMA effect SHORT_BEAM (eg Hermit’s Holy Force spell can be used not only in melee, but also on short distance);
  • Player can get 15 (instead of 10) max mana from racial boni only at lvl 50;
  • Fix wrong floor in Sandworm lair;
  • Fix Detect animal effect;
  • Flying property ID problem fixed;
  • Fix project-mon BR_NETH crush;
  • Fix NULL crush for pit’s restrictions;
  • Fix CHR sleep check crush;
  • Fix monster_is_powerful();
  • Allow wiping house only for heroic admins (use Heroism potion to be able to wipe houses);
  • New game’s version system.

Monsters: Continue reading

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Happy New Eye!

Happy New Year! 😀

  • Less cruel malus to damage while hungry at low levels;
  • Now it’s possible to dig out monsters out of sand, rock or ice (eg earth elementals when digging through mountain);
  • It’s no longer possible to get house foundation stone from digging sand/ice;
  • Now it’s a bit harder to gain parameters with potions;
  • Rollback V addition, so monsters still can hasting themselves;
  • Back to classics: Floating Eye now more dangerous (teleporting away rarely);
  • Mountain Gorge pass got less monsters;
  • Mountain Gorge’s wild cat nerfed;
  • Speed ring/boots price adjusted (become higher);
  • Very Old Ruins dungeon now doesn’t have doors;
  • High elves nerfed a bit, Dark elves buffed a little;
  • “Frost Shield” spell now gives cold brand to Battlemage class;
  • “Frost Shield” buffed;
  • NPC dialogues now doesn’t have price tag;
  • Throwing rocks nerfed; cobbles buffed;
  • Revamped new classes magic weight (max armor weight to avoid mana penalties);
  • New monster family: angels (they were in maiar family before);
  • Fix character creation CPU problem;
  • Restrict tengu and blood falcon’s pits on low dlvl (NO_PIT doesn’t have dlvl customization);
  • Martial Arts fix for druid, hermit and inquisitor;
  • Alchemist class battle potions throwing fixed;
  • Rogue class nerfed: no more speed boni, -1 HP and some minor spells adjustment. Also they level up 10% faster. The reason: rogue can be played very cheezy as players are able to grind same depth with stealth mode for long time. Also they are overall were OP;
  • UNSUMMON_MINIONS spell effect for Necromancer and Assassin.


  • Got small additional life leech (traumaturgy);
  • Early gameplay become easier cause of better stats;
  • New necromancer’s skeleton appearence;
  • Bone Armour spell now heal a bit and also unsummon minions;
  • Necromancer can have more minions;
  • Necromancy Mastery (to summon undeads) now got 45 turns cooldown;
  • Golem summoned only when got free minion’s slots;
  • NETHER proj by Necromancer now are non-resistable by EVIL mobs.


  • Full class redesign: new skills and spells, most of them got cooldowns;
  • Assassin got additional mana and stealth;
  • Assassins early lvl sentries become better;
  • Sentries stay until they are destroyed or unsummoned by master.
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Tamer’s call

irstly some past changes’ notes which weren’t included to the past patchnotes list:

  • Maximum spell’s numbers in spellbooks increased from 9 to 11;
  • Occasingly more traps will be spawned in the dungeon;
  • Spell cooldown reduces only while inside of the dungeon;
  • DETECT_TRAPS and DETECT_DOORS fix: now it properly depend on Search skill (only mid-game);
  • New TMD effect “OCCUPIED”: no energy/turn during alchemy skills and some other activities;
  • Allow cast PROJ_MON_SPEED to monsters (buff pets with Tamer’s speed spell);
  • Forbid to use ACQUIRE on surface;
  • Added DETECT ANIMALS to ESP list;
  • Plenty of new pets-monsters for according classes (Tamer, Necromancer etc);
  • New flags and effects for new classes (GOLEM, SENTRY, SALVAGE, ALCHEMY etc);
  • New object type – reagent (include “Rare Herb”, “Rare Mineral”, “Crafting Material”);
  • New potions made by Alchemist which includes tradable polymorph potion;
  • Some of classes titles were changed;
  • Reduce Enchant Armour/Weapon magic spells dices;
  • New sound for sentry;
  • Reduced penalties for Clairvoyance and Map area spells for some classes;
  • Optimized do_cmd_tunnel_aux();
  • SPEND_MANA effect which may be used in spells/objects to spend player’s mana depending on player’s level or other variables;
  • New soulbound flag for items in object structure;
  • Secure NO_DROP vs throwing;
  • Revert TERROR nerf (as you can’t attack or cast with it);
  • Fix for ‘!’ wrong priority for p->wpos.depth.

And now some latest Tamer class changes:

  • Tamer’s pets now do not expire every now and then;
  • Tamers will be able to heal thier pets or resurrect (resummon) them with special skills;
  • Tamer got new skills: Froggie’s Jump, Veterinary, Summon Pet, Heal Pet (last 3 can be found in second town book);
  • Tamer’s mana costs reduced.
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Score! 20 new classes

During past month I’ve worked at new classes. As we have specifics that it is not possible to add new classes without server wipe, I’ve decided to add as much classes as I can, in one go, so we won’t need more wipes in nearby future because of this particular reason. So I’ve added all classes which I wanted to have in Tangaria.

Some of these classes still require a lot of work as designing 20 classes in one month it is kinda quite hardcore task. So please report your opinion and test results in our Discord. List of new classes with short description (for more detailed descrioption check ‘Classes‘ in the guide):

  • Tamer – got animal companions which give them powers;
  • Druid – nature magic and can shift to animals;
  • Fighter – superstitious mercenary who uses various fighting tricks;
  • Knight – noble knight in heavy armour who charges into enemies;
  • Traveller – common person who went for an adventure with a four-legged friend;
  • Bard – can use music magic to bring cure and wreak havoc;
  • Battlemage – uses power of elements and good in melee fighting;
  • Necromancer – has powers to raise and command armies of dead;
  • Hermit – holy monk sworn not to take weapon in his hand;
  • Wizard – legendary magician who obtained ancient magic secrets;
  • Trader – merchants with cats who can sell items to NPC stores;
  • Assassin – stealthy slayers which specialises in deadly sentries;
  • Phaseblade – teleports around and cut enemies to pieces;
  • Cryokinetic – can instantly change surrounding temperature to extremums;
  • Timeturner – very brittle, but lightning fast, they commands time by void magic;
  • Scavenger – vagabonds with rats who can salvage equipment into valuables;
  • Alchemist – can brew potions from reagents to bring salvation and destroy;
  • Crafter – gather resources to crafting equipment;
  • Inquisitor –  antimagic barehanded combat with their own ‘magic’;
  • Adventurer – jack of all trades (this particular class isn’t ready yet).

Other class changes:

  • PWMA Druid renamed to Shaman;
  • PWMA Necromancer renamed to Warlock.

There are plenty of other updates, but I’ll publish them a bit later. Please test new classes and report in Discord if any problems noticed. Some of new classes are drafts and a lot of stuff needed to be rebalanced and polished. I need your feedback! Thanks.

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PWMAngband 1.6.0

– SDL2 client support
– Items with ignore_protect flag cannot be ignored anymore, just destroyed
– Don’t “notice” players that have left the level
– Refresh client after ignoring an item from inventory or floor
– Add pack reordering notice when aborting item selection for unidentified effects requiring an item
– Revert making EF_IDENTIFY items aware before executing the effect
– Allow STAR effect to display all animations but with 1/4 of the delay factor
– Fix controlled monsters attacking each other when there is no room to move

Server was wiped and all dead heroes were added to the ladder to enjoy endless honor. We had to make wipe so it will be possible to add new classes – they are already there, but patchnotes about detailed class info will appear later.

Good luck in your adventures!

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Roguelike’ish curses

n the past we had classic roguelike ‘sticky’ curse system – when you wielded cursed item, you can not take it off anymore. It often leaded to the need to start over after you wield cursed item – which is quite fatal, especially for multiplayer roguelike experience… Some years ago in Vanilla it was changed to other system – when cursed items had just some annoying properties, but you can take them off freely; so cursed item become just rubbish item, player in most cases don’t need to deal with curses anymore, which is.. a bit boring. So I’ve implemented something in the middle – you can take off cursed items, but can’t drop them from. It makes player to decide: should player continue in the dungeon or go to town to uncurse items which occupy place in inventory / add carry weight. Players may want to bring uncurse scrolls with them (which occupy slot and cost gold). So it makes curses stay in the game, but at the same moment they are not too annoying. Patchnotes: Continue reading

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 6

– Add number of turns remaining when checking current quest
– Allow wands of heal monster to heal controlled summons
– Don’t make poison out of poison in CREATE_POISON effect
– Fix crash when combining pack after buying eight stacks of 40 missiles
– Fix “you have xxx” number of owned similar items limited to 256 when buying from a store
– Rewrite update_ticks() in a much simpler way to make it work under both Windows and Linux
– Simplify controlled summons movement code: attack any visible hostile monster, if none attack any visible hostile player, if none follow the master
– Update setup.bat

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Chop and dig

– Fix fire_till_kill problem which freezed client due too often animation;
– Fix jamming of h command;
– Fix problem with multiple values of the same resistance for races;
– Added double resistance race indicator to character sheet;
– RAND_100 flag to make monster move randomly;
– Fish in town now swims more natural way;
– Now you may slip on icy terrain (+sound);
– All dungeons now have small chance to generate unexpected features like water, sand and stone veins;
– Now you can hear how you dig stone or chop trees;
– You can hear when you’ve felled the tree.


Continue reading

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Roguelike pets


  • Thunderlords got their tamed eagles at last! It’s our first implementation of pets.
    – eagles grow in time: from tiny nestling to Great Eeagle;
    – eagles fly around and attack enemies;
    – in case if monster severely attacked eagle – eagle fly away back to master;
    – thunderlords now easily discovered by enemies as they sing their battle songs loudly and their eagle piercingly screams seeking for pray…
    – need to eat more often to feed themselves and their eagle;
    – do not have previous boni (resistance and expanded ESP).
  • Imps race – little mischievous tricksters – now teleport at will from time to time;
    – in time player will be able to ‘tame’ them, but at start they will teleport around putting you into different adventurous situations;
    – imps can enter ‘Stealth Mode’ (shift+S);
    – imps got high saving throw, less mana penalty, moderate fire resistance at mid-game.
  • Werewolf race now howls from time to time at night.. Also at night they can cut enemies and got:
    – more HP bonus;
    – better stats;
    – worse at shooting;
    – additional speed boni;
    – magic resistance.
  • Beholder race now may try to predict future from time to time which cause hallucinations;
    – they do not have malus to melee attacks anymore;
    – they may obtain better physical strength than before.
  • Damned race now struggle constant disaster which higher powers send to exterminate them – from time to time gods summoning their emissaries around.
    – got plenty of skill/stat boni and protection from fear;
  • Troll and Djinn got no lvl FEELINGs; but now Troll is better in regeneration and Djinn doesn’t have exp penalty;
  • Draconian race gain intrinsic basic resistances, fire at 10, cold at 20, acid at 30 and lightning at 40;
  • Minotaurs now aggroes monsters on close distance, but don’t have physical vulnerability and movement malus anymore.

New lights Continue reading

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