PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 12

– Don’t use custom floors when revealing a mimic in a mimic pit
– Don’t use custom features that look like floor if they can’t hold objects
– Update
– Replace NO_MONSTERS flag with NO_GENERATION, use it to also prevent objects from being generated
– Add custom number of stairs for dungeons
– Replace hardcoded QUIT_TIMEOUT with mangband.cfg server option
– Keep player active during disconnection timeout
– Add “ascii_mon” option to display monsters using ASCII symbols instead of tiles when using a tileset
– Small optimisation for resting
– Add sval validity check in parse_ego_item()
– Fix equipment curses

Great update which improve loads of stuff! Server updated:
– Increased numbers of dungeon’s stairs
– Disconnect time-out set on 3 seconds

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 11

– Players now start with 70% satiation
– Fix not automatically learning curses after using curse weapon/armor
– Fix pickup menu not properly allowing to pickup items one by one
– Rework magic mapping/enlightenment to take into account custom walls
– Fix quick_floor option
– Prevent recalling on harmful terrain
– Make acquirement generate the item in the inventory (if pack is not full) if the floor around the character isn’t suitable for objects
– Use custom floor under a mimic when it is revealed or deleted
– Remove speed penalty from being Full when calculating food digestion rate to avoid double penalty
– Use to-hit skill instead of player level in critical calculation
– Add ‘line of sight’ through rock, improve PASS_WALL monster behaviour near permanent walls
– Fix critical bug that made wraithed players totally invisible to monsters
– Tightened code for unique generation
– Adjust targeting of STRIKE effect
– Improve consistency in element rune learning
– Fix plural of crow of Durthang
– Final tweaks to blackguard

This also concludes the porting of V4.2.1 features apart from the new dungeon level templates.

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Decard Coin

  • Now game client download hosted on GitHub
  • Fix undestructable trees
  • General Store now always got lanterns (no need to wait)
  • Arthur now sells bows, crossbows and slings; he always got long bows
  • Decard Coin sells enhancement scrolls (archers are welcome). Though old rascal got quite a profit from selling them…
  • Slow Digestion became much more rare
  • Magic shop now got more different magic rings (more expensive than at Black Market though)
  • Reduced satiation from mushrooms
  • Removed satiation from healing potions
  • Scroll of Remove Hunger sets your satiation to 50%
  • Brown yeek fix
  • Green glutton ghost nerf

There are regular video streams going on; links and announcements in Discord. Fill in!

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 10

– New dungeon: The Ettenmoors (home of trolls)
– New players start with 80% satiation instead of 89%
– Prevent teleporting on NO_MONSTERS terrain
– Fix crash in rd_player_traps()
– Give blackguards detection of monsters susceptible to fear
– Drop grid target after a monster vanishes from view
– Add whether a projection wakes a monster to struct projections
– Make more things wake monsters
– Fix an out-of-bounds access to el_info in adjust_dam()
– Enable turning labyrinths and moria levels off completely
– Use SetWindowPlacement when re-opening the game in Windows
– Give the teleportation curse a message
– Remove disturb() argument
– Make curse activation disturb the player
– Reduce food value of healing potions
– Make winners appear first in hall of fame
– Stop divide-by-zero crash bug in lore
– Add option to sort monsters by experience instead of depth in the monster list
– Allow alter command to close doors and open chests
– Fix an error in monster_remove_from_groups()
– Only describe brands and slays that come from the object
– Make TMD_BOWBRAND work on missiles only (both fired and thrown)
– Make class brands work on ranged attacks

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Ettenmoors dungeon

  • Added new location to the east from Orc Cave
  • Added new dungeon for 30’s lvls – Ettenmoors. It’s inhabited with trolls, giants, ogres and not only.
  • Added new F2W terrain for Ettenmoors and Sacred Mountains dungeons
  • Old Ruins now lightened with sun
  • Added missing NO_MONSTERS flags to some terrains
  • Archers, rangers and hunters start with additional arrows
  • Added new ‘newbie’ arrows
  • Cure Light Wounds doesn’t fill your stomach anymore
  • Outdoor’s brown yeek and grey mushroom patches fix
  • Archer starts with long bow, receives poison brand at level 5 (melee), could see invisible at lvl 25
  • Fix of wrong appearence for archer and monk
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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 9

– Add 1-2 mushroom drop to Farmer Maggot
– Fix custom tiles generated on top of monsters/objects
– Make DRAIN_EXP only drain experience when the player is not idle
– Rework FAST_THROW so it gives extra might instead of extra shots, give it to dragons and hydras
– Give magic shots, rocks, shurikens and boomerangs the THROWING flag
– Adjust throwing damage
– Don’t drop items under NEVER_MOVE + NO_DEATH monster (like target dummy)
– Fix item combination not redrawing the floor
– Tidying up of projection effects
– Adjust hill troll tile
– Improve some information
– Sort slays/brands by damage
– Changed message_color_define() so there’s only one entry per message type for the color
– Stack items when dropping
– Fixes in message.c

Linux users please note: there is a blunder in z-form.c so the source doesn’t compile under Linux. To be able to do so replace the file.

Additionally in Tangaria:

  • yeeks are known of good at running from danger.. but also they are good at throwing stuff into bullies who trying to get to them
  • yeeks now a bit harder in learning
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Roguelike dungeons

Finally first stage of dungeons redesign completed! I rarely post T’s news nowadays, but work is going on at daily basis; some of new stuff:

  • Tileset rearrangments
  • Bunch of new terrain and loads of terrain revamp/fixes
  • Dungeons got custom features: rubbles, fountains, stairs, doors
  • Assigned proper wall flags istead of ROCK to solve rubble problem
  • Dungeon redesign (flags & monsters)
  • Increased number of stairs down
  • Added separate permawalls
  • NO_STAIR / NO_MONSTERS for F2W (floors-to-walls) terrain
  • NPC revamp; some was renamed, eg Old Man become Decard Coin (he is selling scrolls for a good price, you know..)
  • NPC stores slots rearranged
  • Mr. Underhill now sign his favorite song (in a new way)
  • Mage shop got secret door (рush!)
  • World design; mainly location to the west and east
  • Player houses location terrain
  • Angband dungeon moved to the North
  • Removed DRAIN_EXP for races (temporary; we need a new flag for it)
  • Hydra race revamp
  • Archer HP buff
  • Gold drop back to traditional way
  • Assigned INNATE-FREQ to monsters
  • New towny bear (thanks spara for tile)

Some examples of new dungeons design:

   Sandworm Lair      Paths of the Dead      Straight Road            Mount Doom

And nice demo of new PWMA negative lightning system ported from V:

This is nefarious tree monster.. It spreads gloom around itself to fool new players.

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 8

– Replace fake permawall terrain by SQUARE_FAKE flag
– Reintroduce sandwalls in the Sandworm Lair that were accidentally commented out
– Fix crash in rd_objects_aux()
– Display the cursor under the player on the minimap
– Give Gilim IM_COLD and Nan IM_FIRE
– Stop player being able to run out of a web without clearing it
– Add thrown damage for shots and pebbles
– Allow fuzzy kind searching to use exact name by prefixing the search with ‘#’
– Add custom fountains to dungeon.txt
– Switch tval/sval pair from byte to u16b

Tomorrow we will have a wipe, please RIP your characters nicely till then 😉 PWMA update will be pushed on server after wipe.

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 7

– Fix stupid strcpy error in SDL client and player history
– Fix floor not updated when the DM generates a randart from a floor item
– Use custom dungeon doors for door mimics
– Use custom dungeon floors when destroying a door or digging a wall
– Add custom permawall features, stairs and rubbles to dungeon.txt
– Fix memory leaks when cleaning up dungeon info
– Add “!” option on character birth screen to show race/class stat gains and abilities
– Allow Blackguards to actually shapechange into werewolves
– Add new DF_STREAMS flag to allow magma/quartz veins in dungeons
– Allow generic “#R” inscription on items and spellbooks to ask for recall depth manually
– Allow “=g<number>” inscription to limit the number of items automatically picked up
– Fix great earth elemental spells
– Add check in parse_monster_spells() to ensure innate/spell frequency is set if necessary
– Adjust digestion rates, add mushrooms of Purging in the General Store

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Dungeons revamp

Added loads of new terrans and redesigned all dungeons. Some examples:

 Barrow Downs         Sacred Land Of Mountains                      Utumno

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