PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 4

– Implement a music system
– Allow starting “gifts” depending on chosen race

Powerwyrm: For PWMAng I want a system without any cfg file, the music needs to be played just by setting a directory. I don’t want to be forced to edit sound.prf each time I want to change music tracks. There is no need to “duplicate” the sound engine for music, a simple “open a random mp3 file in a directory and play it” function called each time a player changes level should be enough. … Playing different music for each dungeon should be as simple as passing the world coordinates to the function that tells the client to play the music. Then it’s only a matter of defining where to read the music files.

Yay! Cheers to Powerwyrm and Serega88! Now you could download Tangaria’s official music pack, put it to Tangaria\lib\music and enjoy! Soon I’ll also prepare yet another unofficial music pack with soundtracks from oldschool RPGs 😉

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Mana rain!

Previously we had “mana design” which implicitly forbad certain races-classes combos. It was quite hard for new players as they started with these combos, got pwned and frustrated. So as while for now we don’t have hardcoded function to restrict these combos, I’ve decided to make an experiment: allow all races to be more or less successful in magic if they will choose appropriate class. Actually this system looks pretty interesting and may be better than just simple forbidding certain combos… if we will manage to rebalance it properly – please test and report any combo imbaness in our discord 🙂

So.. Astrologers proclaim the week of Mana Rain!

Except mana, there are plenty of other changes in races, check github to see them.

Also there is a new feature in Tangaria – all new players receive Small House Creation scroll with which they could build a house for free if it costs less then 10k. Just get 8 level, dig a mountain a bit (digging inside of the dungeon could harder, but takes less energy) to get House Foundation stones and build! To be able to build bigger houses you should get House Creation scroll which could be rewarded for completing quest (Ctrl+q to get the quest; you need to be 20+ lvl to be able to take quest).

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 3

– Modify tunneling to account for rooms with few entrances
– Force pressing SPACE key to enter the game after the MotD is displayed

Note: this ported the FEW_ENTRANCES feature from V and all corresponding changes to dungeon generation. Since PWMAngband is based off MAngband with some variations to the dungeon generation code, expect bugs, crashes and dungeon levels not generated properly.

Powerwyrm: New dungeon generation code from V, ported “as is” — no idea if it’s correct with wide corridors, I tried to adapt the code as I could, and some “quick” test didn’t show “too many” generation errors

Folks, please lets make some hard-testing!

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Tangaria ladder!

Tangaria ladder is there! Thanks to Shtukensia for (sh)coding! It includes all recent character dumps which I’ve managed to find and some old ones from oook. This dumps are 100% legit as players can’t change .txt files to cheat – this files taken directly from server (except dozen from oook, but I’ve verified them too long time ago). I’ll update the ladder from time to time. And Shtukensia will implement more cool features soon!

Shtukensia published ladder to GitHub: . It’s really cool and important as we should develop new features, not to repeat the same task in different dev teams. Oook, MAngband and TomeNET ladders’ code is kept secret, though I’ve asked devs to publish it 🙁 So we made first step to open-source in this field and hoping that other devs will do the same one day. Share and improve!

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Charisma @ roguelike

Long-long time ago charisma (CHR) stat was removed in Vanilla (V) Angband. The reason behind this decision was that CHR were used only for shop prices and V maintainers decided that to get rid of it was actually easier than to make it useful. Minimalism trend is strong in roguelikes for quite some time already (eg DCSS removed food recently) and I see the point.. but it’s quite opposite vision to my concept: “the more – the merrier”… and I loved CHR stat very much so it was my dream for years to bring it back – as having it gives plenty of special flavour to the game – being a powerful, but ugly troll who have not trouble to crack a few skulls in the dungeon, but getting robbed by huckster every now and then in town shops – makes sense.

So as recently I’ve finally started to train my coding skill a bit, I’ve tried to implement a few simple tricks on making CHR more interesting. I wanna remind that CHR is very special end-game stat – the only way to increase Charisma is to drink potions of Augmentation. As it’s quite new approach – I’ll have to do some rebalance later on. So here is Tangaria’s latest update…

Charisma now:

  • helps vs seduce attacks
  • helps to resist confusion, fear, sleep, life drain
  • reduce chance of being robbed by thieves
  • sometimes allow to charm monsters even if you are aggravated
  • improves HOLD (command spell for monster to stop at one place – “You shall NOT pass!”)
  • improves your summoning and allows to control more minions
  • influence on max mana and improves max. fail rate for priest, paladin, rogue, telepath and summoner classes
  • influence price in Expensive Black Market
  • gives bonus to starting gold
  • low CHR character worse at dispelling monsters
  • having high CHR could sometimes dispel even different family of monsters
  • defines max storage space in Storage House (You’ve used all the space which you were able to bargain with storage keeper“)
  • affects person‘s (intelligent humanoids) willing to notice (attack) player
  • charismatic character could rarely inflict fear on monster while in melee
  • defines welcome message in stores
  • defines will WANDERER monster attack you first or not
  • added WANDERER flag to some ‘good’ monsters. It means that from now on it’s possible to avoid killing folks like Farmer Maggot and his dogs, Bullroarer, Beorn, Shadowfax, Robin, Phoenix, Fundin Bluecloak, Radagast the Brown, Fangorn, The Unicorn of Order..  Just avoid coming to them too close and they won’t hurt you. Though if you wanna be ‘bad’ guy – you may fight with them and even get some reward.. But there is a rumor that there could be a payoff for it later…

Beat around the charisma bush:

  • new attack type – hypnotize which got special ‘seducing’ sound (thanks to Shtukensia for voicing!)
  • more monsters (male and female) could now seduce ( * ) ( * )
  • neuter sex characters also could be seduced
  • new end-game monster: Spirit of Lust
  • new object flag: LOSE_STAT
  • potion of ugliness now actually makes you ugly (previously: “You feel that something missing!” – it was CHR stat missing hehe)
  • A lot of items, egos and arts got charisma sustain and CHR bonuses/debuffs
  • rot jelly, ghast and osyluth could reduce charisma
  • new trap: “beauty”
  • new curse: “of deformity”


  • MOUNTAIN flag assigned to most of highland terrains
  • mining mountains on daylight surface could give you foundation stones used in building houses. Though it takes more effort than in dungeon to get these stones there
  • it’s not possible to buy foundation stones or House Creation scroll from NPC (you could buy them from other players though)
  • the only way (except trading between players) to get House Creation scroll is to complete quest (to get quest: Ctrl+Q). Then town Major awards you permission to build a house


  • after you cut down a tree it, after some time random tree will grow again
  • fix NO_BOOTS flag for wearing equipment and it’s identification
  • Rock become Throwing rock
  • New true artifacts: Space-time Anchor, Ring of Durin
  • Store prices adjusted a bit. General Store now always have Magic projectiles (though at high price). Rings in magic shop become cheaper (though they are still more expensive than at Black Market).
  • added new sounds: afraid, cut, hall, para, poison, slow, stun (self-voiced)
  • some old sounds revamped (monster flees in terror; touch attack; quaff potion)
  • assigned colors for condition’s messages
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PWMAngband: breaths and bolts

– Add a lore-color-immune entry for monster’s poison breaths, bolts, and balls
– Remove option to display help from the options screen
– Change monster.txt’s comments for specific drops
– Add power to remove curse effect description
– Change manual selection of server from ctrl-m to ctrl-s
– Make decoys only work when in monster’s LoS
– Fix PROJECT_LOS_AWARE (sleep, slow, confuse, dispel works again!)
– Allow configuration of SDL sound module without configuring the corresponding
front end
– In vaults, automatically mark inner permanent walls with SQUARE_WALL_INNER
– Clarify/update comments related to dungeon generation
– Avoid more compiler warnings
– Display %fail of first spell at character birth (point-based roller)
– Display expected number of blows per round at character birth (point-based

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 2

– Add sound volume management, implement it for the SDL client
– Display expected number of blows per round at character birth (point-based
– Plug small memory leak in main-sdl.c’s load_prefs()
– Update comments for count_feats() to match current code
– Treat ‘#’ similarly for vaults and room templates
– Add an argument to draw_rectangle() to indicate whether it should overwrite
permanent features
– Have inven_carry_num() return obj->number for any valid treasure type
– Remove uses of atexit()

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Roguelike housing paradise

  • houses are now unique: they are randomly generated using hundreds of different walls and floors;
  • you do not just buy the house anymore; you should build it (or buy house which were built by another player);
  • houses do not dissapear upon character death; they become unowned – so you can buy them with a new character;
  • digging walls and rock in the dungeon sometimes gives house stones which you could use as house foundation and in some other cases – you get simple stones which you could throw;
  • you could now chop down trees in daylight locations too;
  • you could build house almost everywhere, even in town location (check housing rules);
  • you can build/buy up to two houses;
  • now you can build two houses near to each other and connect it with a door (two rooms house); but you can’t build near other player’s house doors;
  • new players received Small House Creation scroll and could use House Deed to build small house for free;
  • max number of items in one pile in house become 8;
  • WINDOW flag for house windows; you can’t throw objects or cast spells through windows in player’s houses;
  • NO_HOUSE terrain flag which forbid to build house too close to NPC stores, water etc;
  • new system to wipe houses for DM (Dungeon Master aka GM aka Game Master);
  • adding new (additional) newbie dungeon “The Very Old Ruins” for new characters; entrance just to the north from “Old Ruins”;
  • new object types: “junk”, “cobble”;
  • added classic roguelike junk items: broken bones, sticks, shards etc;
  • experience potion now works on new players too;
  • CHR price table revamp; it’s become less severe;
  • added 9 CC0 .ttf fonts from Google Fonts;
  • fixed bunch of self-inflicted bugs 🙂
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 1

– Un-hardcode Hydra form progression
– Improve quiver inscriptions
– Sort flags by level of application on character birth screen
– Allow more variation for pillar or ragged edge rooms
– Add level of application for player flags
– Check input values for slot_by_name() and slot_object()
– Update version.rst with bits of MAngband history
– Fix crash when calculating tax price for house expansion
– Fix “%ull” format (vstrnfmt)
– Fix “Place feature” command only allowing to place staircases
– .ttf font support (thanks Serega88)

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Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse

An update ready… though it’s not live yet. It will be online closer to the weekends all together with server wipe. Right now you could already test it on local machine – to do so get it from github. Patchnotes:

  • Added additional slow digestion. Golems and Wraiths almost don’t need to eat;
  • Added CHARISMA stat (V 3.4.1 port + adjustments);
  • Charisma influence prices in the shops; later on several new effects will be added;
  • Charisma is end-game stat. The only way to increase Charisma is to drink potions of Augmentation;
  • All races and classes got initial bonuses/maluses to charisma. Eg necromancers got -4 charisma; while priest got +4; spider got -9, while high-elves +5. Please note that character could have certain progression over his life: young high-elves got neutral charisma; though when they become older – it grows.

During charisma stat assigning, there were some more race rebalance:

  • Half-trolls got ‘common’ regen;
  • High-elves got a bit harder start in the beginning: less INT and WIS; though Light resistance now inhereted from lvl 1 (instead of 50);
  • Thunderlord: +3 stealth, +1 hp, no malus to mana;
  • Dragons: +1 HP; melee bonus and nexus resistance removed;
  • Hydras can swim. Elder hydras now could obtain chaos resistance;
  • Damned: +1 hp;
  • Barbarians become more sturdy;
  • Goblins: +1 STR later on, better in search. Elder goblin who made it to survive till mature age got extra speed;
  • Ogre: +1 hp, -1 stealth later on;
  • Troll: thick skin now provide protection which enhance during lifetime;
  • Orc: elders got bonus to stealth and speed;
  • Forest Goblin: elders become stronger and faster;
  • Dark Elves: become stealthier more early;
  • Wereworlfs: become less stealthier more later;
  • Undead: +1 hp, a bit better at fighting at beginning;
  • Vampire: +1 hp;
  • Enlightened renamed to Maiar: get exp +25% faster, +1 hp;
  • Cambion renamed to Demonic: not vulnerable to time attacks anymore;
  • Celestial: +1 hp, vulnerable to time attacks, strogner at beginning;
  • Balrog: +1 hp;
  • Nephalem: resists light and darkness at 25, kill demons at 25, destroy demons at 40;
  • Golem: +1 hp. Also now golem ‘upgrade’ his parts at certain levels which gives him better parameters;
  • Frostmen: elders got cold brand;
  • Djinns: don’t have bonus to protection;
  • Troglodyte: a bit more faster;
  • Lizardmen: stronger in time;
  • Imp: +1 hp.
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