PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 3

– Add missing tiles, remap tileset
– Don’t display “Start a new game” message on server shutdown
– Allow to play again after getting a character dump
– Add option to hide trap/terrain on status line
– Allow multiple “force-locations” for monsters
– Add option to disable the Enter menu
– Fix of the “crash on opening chest” bug

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Broken memories

  • Races:
    • Humans got some damage reduction over their life (they are getting used to pain..)
    • Yeeks are now much faster in running (not attacking!)
    • Dragon got bonus to mana while young
    • Hydra changes:
      • AoE attack
      • More HPs
      • Moves faster (only movement speed!)
      • Receive more damage
      • Drain exp at 10+
      • Regen
      • got bonus to mana while young
      • Nerfed primary stats & disarm
    • Troll & Half-giant: movement debuff instead of speed
    • Ogre: movement debuff
  • New items:
    • equipment: broken dagger, broken sword, filthy rags, Old Rusty Chain Mail
    • artifacts: Filthy Rag of Righteousness, Broken Dagger ‘Shard’, Broken Sword ‘Narsil’
    • ego-lights: Feanorian and Dwarven lamps
    • food: Sprig of Athelas, Strip of Beef Jerky
    • mushrooms: Paranoia, Hallucination, Toadstool
    • jewellery: Ring of Woe, Amulet of Doom
    • scrolls:
      • curse armour/weapon (thanks Powerwyrm for returning traditional flags!)
      • Animate Weapon, Evil Spirit
    • Potions:
      • Ugliness
      • Novice Alchemist’s Creation
      • Stomach Water
      • Lose Memories is back (ty PW!)
    • Junk:
      • Ruined chest
  • Stores:
    • NPCs are selling Stomach Water instead of Salt Water (which still there, but not sellable)
    • Newbie NPC sells Phase Doors now
    • Provisioneer sells Empty Bottles\
  • Archer/Monk classes reordered in character creation screen
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Fish deluxe

  • Fixed old store crush (thanks to Powerwyrm!)
  • Rinswind now got proper newbie spellbooks and potions
  • Added 1/3 of short-desc for terrain
  • Assigned some tileset to new world map
  • Revamp of tamer (volkhv), scout, Mad woodsmen & some others
  • Ported new tiles from PWMA
  • Added new sounds for blindness/confusion
  • Added five towny fishes: roach, ruff, crucian, perch, carp:
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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 2

– Simplify lighting, update graf-dvg.prf
– Redo chest traps, make chest_trap.txt
– Plug more memory leaks
– Update help
– Improve datafile documentation
– Add missing tiles, remap tileset
– Remove some redundant flags from monster.txt
– Fix the worst of quiver anomalies
– Changed to allow sense/detect objects to remove marks on the map for locations detected as empty
– Display short description instead of name for terrain on status line if there is one
– Implement custom symbols for displaying towns on the world minimap
– Un-hardcode admin equipment
– Decrease satiation in town areas if full
– NO_STAIRS flag on terrain to prevent generating stairs

Yay, server updated!

Also Lobelia Sackville-Baggins got new tile from PWMA (a bit revamped), mists moved; plundered beautiful statues and blood from DCSS (no in-game yet, but already in .psd):

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The Old Ruins

  • New monsters from ZAngband (with some revamp): hobo & raving lunatic townies, blinking dot, grid bug, Freesia, giant leech.
  • Also some other mobs fixes: huorn-trees are less speedy; woodsman appears at town; mad woodsman now unique and a bit more healthy. Apprentice renamed to Novice mage (classic!).
  • Trolls (race) fears light and a bit worse in save and shoot.
  • Fixed loads of terrain-walls which was undiggable.
  • Designed The Old Ruins dungeon:

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Races appearances

  • Merged race part of tileset with PWMA; to do so I’ve moved monster tiles from 83-84 to other spots
  • Added appearance to recently added Tangaria’s races (tiles plundered from DCSS tileset; some are reworked):

Black Numenorean, Damned, Merfolk, Barbarian, Black Dwarf, Goblin, Half-Giant, Ogre, Troll, Orc, Forest Goblin, Dark Elf, Werewolf, Undead, Vampire, Enlightened, Cambion, Celestial, Balrog, Nephalem, Gargoyle, Golem.

  • Added some new tiles for monsters which were moved from 83-84
  • Reduced sleepness of town’s animals
  • Town animals now run away from player less willingly
  • Buff of Half-Giant race
  • Tangaria’s package now accessible on GitHub
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Cursed Jar

Mapping and detection revamp (objects, spells, items activation):

  • Mapping magic now has much bigger radius, but serious side effects – short paralize, blindness, hallucinations.
  • Detection magic radius restored (as it was overnerfed; limited_esp is enough).

Food system (objects, spells):

  • Food now do not decrease satiation, if you are well fed.
  • As there are much more food in dungeons (because of new types of food from V), food removed from stores; except especially expensive Hard Biscuits.
  • Some food/drinks rework, eg Orcish Liquor increase your movement speed for a couple of moves.


  • Curse Armour scroll now is more severe; but moved deeper.
  • Nerfed scroll of Damned Jail.
  • Potion of Death now is equally dangerous (but not fatal) for characters of any level.
  • Ruination is now stunningly unpleasant.
  • Cursed Vessel → Cursed Jar; and now it’s also dive into the minds, surrounding you.


  • Lobelia Sackville-Baggins revamped and moved from newbie dungeon to a bit deeper.
  • Barrel sleepness reduced.
  • Brigand and outlaw rearrangement and tileset fix.
  • Tom Bombadil buff.
  • Removed wrong FRIGHTENED flags as monsters don’t attack (we need AI_ANNOYING).


  • Stores now selling Salt Water (to cure over-eating).
  • Fixed bug with custom NPC order (Black Market didn’t work; now it’s ok).


  • Half-Giant got Damage Reducement and immune to trap after it grows (which is extremely unlucky as LIMITED-TELEPORT flag is not there yet; and it has NO-TELEPORT for now).
  • Ruins terrain PROJECT flag temporary off (till MOVE flag will appear).
  • Hunter’s Valley location got more inhabitants.
  • Carn Dum moved to the border of Arda.
  • Added tiles to ^W (looks stupid for now).
  • Added one-window-fullscreen addon to client package.
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Seven Stars update


  • New monsters: Lonely tree; mutant telepath; mutant unbeliever; entwife; Fangorn, Oldest of the Ents.
  • Unicorns received additional resistances.
  • Nerfed a bit monsters in Mountain Gorge.
  • Increased speed of monster-objects (they were too idle).
  • Fixed double WOUND flags; monsters which had it got appropriate additional spell to preserve their initial balance.

New tiles:
– added 5 new tiles from DCSS for ents and tree-monsters;
– imported 3 tiles from DCSS for end-game sea-monsters;
– reworked Sangahyando and Angamait of Umbar tiles.


  • Remastered volume and stereo problems for 16 sounds.
  • Removed non-ASCII symbols from artifacts names (previously I’ve deleted them from monster names too).
  • New screen now got 7 Stars.
  • AI_LEARN = true (in test mode).
  • Restored deleted by mistake artifact’s preface.


  • Added invisibility and wraith potions. Beware, they have side-effects.
  • Mapping spells now cause hallucination for a while.
  • Enlightments and *E* scrolls can’t be bought from store anymore (buy it from other player).
  • Added new artifact: Athame ‘Elbereth’ (in rememberings of old version of Nethack).
  • Increased detection magic radius a bit.
  • Added resist poison potions to Shtukensia.


  • Added pre-defined client options (among others, X:view_yellow_light).
  • Old Guard now mentions direction to town.
  • Dragon race: trap disarming nerfed.
  • A lot of updates at website – new articles, guides, etc

Server wiped, gamedata & .psd updated.

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Tangaria intro

Finally I’ve made an appropriate intro! Yay! // Updaded image: added Seven Stars.

I’ve used mountains from PernAngband and all kind of ASCII art from the internet (warrior and mage credits: Tua Xiong и hjw); some I’ve modified. Respect to people who made such great pictures!

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Tom Bombadil

Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.

In Old Forest you could try to find Tom Bombadil:

He is signing songs which he composes on the go!

You won’t see two similar songs 😉

Also you could rarely meet Tom in the Old Forest dungeon itself. You can’t harm him really; so no need to try to fight with him 😉

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