A load of updates

Loads of improvements today:

  • Designed dungeons appearance: Fetid Swamps, The Orc Mountains, The Old Forest, Abandoned Manor, The Sandworm Lair, The Land Of Rhun, The Barrow-downs, The Maze, The Small Water Cave, The Heart of the Earth, The Helcaraxe, The Mines of Moria
  • New type of sunlight terrain for ‘light’ floors in dungeons which are ‘outside’ (The Land Of Rhun)
  • Added traps and object flags to all floor terrains
  • Reassigned prices in stores and goods in stores
  • Fixed scrolls of treasure detection (thanks to Powerwyrm for a report)
  • Common food now even rarer; but now it’s possible to find in dungeon new vegetables from MAngband
  • Added 20 new hints on website (~15 of them are reworked hints from TomeNET)
  • Fixed tileset bugs (‘Baby red dragon’ showed as Ancient, etc)
  • Fixed dozens of mistakes and typos at the website
  • Translated FAQ to Russian
  • Added formatting to the guide

Client updated (it’s not mandatory update; it will just fix tileset bugs).

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Bug fix and new dungeon design

  • PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 11 released has been ninja fixed to deal with a bug causing gold to disappear when stacking. Server updated;
  • Added new design to following dungeons:

     The Old Ruins       Mountain Gorge     The Orc Cave           The Severs
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New map-guide

Shtukensia prepared walkthrough for the Tangaria map. It could be found in Guide menu → ‘Map

More rebalance of powerful races, as we need something to compensate power of some races in comparison to others:

  • high elves will be dreadful in saving throws (mollycoddles); high humans not too good in it either;
  • all ‘god-like’ races now restricted in magic devices using (as MDs are mundane creation). It concerns not only enlightened, cambion and other ‘half-gods’, but also ents and dragons;
  • godlikes got their HP nerfed (for some time.. soon PWMA will have very interested ways for races rebalance and then I hope it will be possible to restore their original HPs);
  • humans +1 CON every 12 lvls;
  • dragon starts tiny and weak; just hatched from the egg (-20 all stats). If you think that it’s too much – check my streams where I currently play as dragon monk 🙂

Starting project on dungeons design. Goal: to make dungeons look cool with new terrain features. So far testing new elements in newbie dungeon and at Abandoned Manor. There are some bug because of hardcoded stuff, but Powerwyrm is hunting them down 😉

Also we have a lot of new stuff; game updated almost on daily basic. Join our Discord to be in touch and read update notes in real-time!

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Race rebalance & EXP penalty removal

  • Dungeons got strict limits for lvls at which they are accessible
  • All race XP penalty equalized to 125%, except Humans (150% and yeeks 200%). Why: because EXP penalty became a positive bonus in Tangaria as you have much more time roaming low lvl dungeons for better items/exp.
  • High exp races were heavely rebalanced.
  • Shops revamp
  • Disabled certain types of imba dragon as players race – player won’t be able to get it until there will be more ways to rebalance this race.

Server had a wipe. Also there are some tileset updated (entrance to dungeons), but I’ll wait with it’s publishing till new PWMA version. 

Please note that it’s experimental and a lot of rearrangements will come after testing. Please report your feedback after playing new races.

Some background information considering race’s rebalance (out of my reports at discord):

Continue reading

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Status for january-february 2020

Some news from fronts 🙂

Soon (we all hope so) game will be accessible in Linux – thanks, Flambard! (maintainer of MAngband); also he published Multiplayer Variants Network Manifesto (which I fully support) and introduced _browser_ client!

Powerwyrm works on bringing monster changes from Vanilla. It includes huge tileset rework and cool stuff like new abilities: spiders can now weave webs, humanoids using whips (extra-distance attack), spitting, etc. Also it will include some core changes like Sil lightning system! 😉 Continue reading

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 11 released!

– Fix custom stairs in towns
– Add small racial antimagic modifier
– Make unbeliever antimagic bonus a class modifier

Rework of antimagic — now un-hardcoded and works differently. Antimagic now works as follows:

1) check vs class modifier which is 1d1 for Unbeliever (50% at level 50)
2) check vs polymorphed race if player is polymorphed (ring, shapeshifter) with bonus set as half the race level (for example: true believer level 57 gives 28% antimagic)
3) game takes the best of 1) and 2) and caps at 50% (unbeliever level 20 polymophed into true believer would get 28%, unbeleiver level 40 would get 40%)
4) check vs race modifier which is now added (so go wild with antimagic race), capped at 10% (for example: 1d5 which gives +1 every 5 levels would work nicely)
5) check vs using a “dark sword” is added, capped at 40% (all DS in PWMang have max +4 anyway)
6) once all bonuses are added, the result is capped at 90% — so a “foo” (race with +10 AM) unbeliever level 50 using a +4 dark sword would get 10% + 50% + 40% = 100% capped at 90%

— fixed several tileset problems (thanks to Lavas for report)
— you can’t buy dialogues from NPC’s anymore 🙂
— Iron Mountain’s hydras doesn’t breath plasma anymore, but sound (regular hydras in the dungeon does plasma as always)
— Shtukensia got some more smuggled consumables in her possesion.. She could sell it for ya for a reasonable price. Time is money, friend!

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Tangaria map

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Bug fixes

— Fixed boss monsters spawn and rearranged their loot at dungeons: 

  • The Mountain Gorge
  • The Orc Cave
  • The Severs
  • Fetid Swamps
  • The Orc Mountains
  • Abandoned Manor

— Temporary fix for recalling bug in Old Forest dungeon

— Fixed water trolls and elementals tiles (download file in discord; this fix will be included to new client a bit later)

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Healing elixirs

There is a rumour that you always could buy especially fine healing potions from Shtukensia in tavern.. Thou say that she got it from smugglers, so the price is sky high… but they are always accessible. For those who wish to get them cheaper – there is an option to get heal drinks at the Holy Temple or Black Market (powerful potions are rare there though).

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 10 released!

– Un-hardcode class shapes
– Add race shapes
– Don’t describe vendors as “the entrance” to that vendor (VENDOR flag at terrain.txt)
– Allow paragraphs in race/class descriptions (with ‘|’ symbol)
– Add CAUTIOUS flag for monsters

Server updated!
– every NPC now got a nice description, use ‘l’ to look at it and know who are you talking to 🙂
– wild animals do not follow strangers anymore
– added description to gargolies race in character created screen (long read!) with new paragraphs system
– added new race: golem. Read it’s description in-game or at the website in ‘races’ section

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