PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Apr 9, 2021)

– Allow fuel to be drawn from the quiver
– Add /know, /party, /who, /abi and /gold chat commands as shortcuts for “Check knowledge”, “Access party menu”, “Display connected players”, “View abilities” and “Drop gold” commands
– Notice changes to the weight limit in update_bonuses()
– Plug resource leaks of missing file_close() calls
– Fix monster list subwindow not reacting to subwindow horizontal resizing
– Learn curses properly when applied directly to worn items
– Learn runes of carried weapons properly for races and classes that cannot use
– Fix keymaps using ‘{‘ symbol
– Modify compare_items() so the result is zero when both items are unknown
– Optimize obj_kind_can_browse()
– Stop resending whole inventory when a single item is affected
– fixed bug when extra MOVES were gained over levels for some races

Please update client to the the latest version.

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PWMAngband bug busting

– Prevent out of bounds asserts when players change level
– KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX increased from 20 to 35
– Remove ladder info from character dumps
– Stop resending whole equipment when a single item is affected

Considering out of bounds bug – we tried to hunt it down for long time. Finally today Powerwyrm stack a spear into this insect:
This has nothing to do with player out of bounds or with first dungeon. When a player enters a new level, for a moment its (x,y) position is still the one on the old level while it’s depth has changed to the new level. Meanwhile monsters with more energy are processed in update_mon() where we do a update_mon_aux() for all players on the level. The update should NOT be done for players switching levels.

And increasing keymap size allows now to use macroes even with a very long names, eg spell “Find traps, doors & stairs“. Update the client to be able to use huge macroes 🙂

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PWMAngband: aquatic equilibrium

– Fix damaging terrain aborting running for players immune to damage
– Fix aquatic forms able to run outside of water
– Fix aquatic forms not suffocating outside of water
– Fix aquatic forms drowning in water
– Fix LEVITATE form not giving FEATHER flag
– Fix FRIGHTENED form not giving AFRAID flag
– Fix Linux code not saving savefiles
– Re-enable signal handling on Linux

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PWMAngband: recall & stores

– Split MAngband options submenu into MAngband options and Advanced options
– Add option to confirm recall when recalling out of non-reentrable dungeon
– Remove NO_STORES server option
– Rename NO_SELLING server option to LIMITED_STORES, use an integer value
to handle disabling selling completely and restricting the use of stores/home
– Fix weight decrease when wielding from a stack of inventory items
– Add SETGID support

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 fifth alpha

– Allow more smileys in chat messages
– Reverse order of “you are wielding” and “you were wielding” messages when
swapping items
– Apply “worthless” to enchanted items with store (or mixed) origins only
– Add max level on race/class brands and slays
– Allow any other value than 0 and 1 for the LIGHT_LEVEL effect to just
lighten up and magic map the level without revealing objects
– Add LIMITED_TELE object flag
– Give mage staves regeneration and elven staves see invisible
– Fix crash in process_monsters when mon->closest_player is dead
– Add ‘conf_done’ destructor
– Add more hacks to vstrnfmt
– Add constants for depth where labyrinths start to be generated
unlit/unknown/with hard walls
– Update docs for option customization
– Remove Necklace of the Eye support
– Fix wiz_light error
– Fix weight decrease when wielding from a stack of inventory items

Server wiped. Cya-in game!

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 fourth alpha

Dear Tangarians! 4th March we had a wipe! Mighty Powerwyrm prepared huge update which changed internal infrastructure, so soon we will have to do a server wipe. There will be awesome new features, so don’t be sad about wipe – for roguelikers death is our dearest friend :slight_smile: Don’t forget to upload your character dump at oook:

PWMA patchnotes:

– Hitpoint warning toggle hotkey
– Add dungeon max level info to the visited dungeon list
– Remove redundant “Attempting to uncurse it may destroy it.” message when
inspecting a “fragile” object
– Remove disturb_faint option
– Nerf to all powerful modifiers
– Allow players to drop vegetables on FEAT_CROP terrain to restrict it to that
vegetable only
– Allow players to burn crops to turn them back to random FEAT_CROP terrain
– Refactor crop growth functions to allow spontaneous growth on allocated
wilderness levels
– Fix starvation auto-kick
– Add possible direction choice for scrolls and staves
– Allow all alter/teleport effects to be used on items
– Reduce chance of getting ESP_XXX when adding SLAY_XXX on a randart
– Nerf Black Rings of Power
– Rename “moves” to “movement speed” and make the modifier act like speed for
– Change no teleportation on gauntlet levels to limited teleportation
(10 squares)
– Increase +mana modifier on mage staves, cap mana bonus at +10
– Move Plasma Blast to book 4 and Disruption Shield to book 5
– New dungeon: Fallen Gondolin (boss: Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin)
– Make SMASH_WALL destroy decoys
– Pluralize message when trying to aim an empty stack of wands/use an empty stack of staves
– Fix enchant scrolls description
– Write artifact ownership to server savefile
– Rename “obj_aware” into “kind_aware” and “obj_tried” into “kind_tried”

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Jan 13, 2021)

– Simplify food description
– Simplify Dragon’s Breath description
– SDL client: implement support for OGG files
– Fix description of potions of surprise and mushrooms of shadows
– Fix description of scraps of flesh
– Add descriptions for (almost) all summons in summon.txt
– Fix and simplify summon description (remove hardcoded reference to 1d3)
– Add some shared monster messages

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 hotfix

– Fix SDL client crashing when clicking the “font” button
– Fix crash in floor_carry() when player pointer is not defined
– Fix “You see nothing there” message when trying to pick up items from floor

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Races and their forms

Races updates:

  • Half-giants now are immensely good in digging and could take forms of different giants: from hill, frost, fire giants up to cyclops and titans;
  • Werewolves revamp. This race now could shapeshift to wolves, hellhounds and even volkodlaks. But the more powerful they become – the more aggressive they become and at the end they become quite insane and attacking everything on sight. Their claws now grow at 25 → 15;
  • Vampires could transform into vampiric mist and different types of bats;
  • Cambion could take form of demons: tengu, quasit, bodak, vrock, nalfeshnee;
  • Gargoylies in time become VERY sturdy, but also quite slower;
  • Golems also become a bit sturdier in time, but it doesn’t affect their overall speed; only movement;
  • Half-elves got speed bonus at 50 → 45;
  • Damned better at searching;
  • Black dwarves more stealthy;
  • Goblins got speed bonus at 50 → 25;
  • Ogres got mana bonus 50 → 25;
  • Trolls could now become Snow Trolls at lvl 30;
  • Dark Elves get their bonuses gradually, not instant.


  • Lose memories potion more safe to drink
  • Fixed blackguard wrong form
  • Wolves become less fast, but now got longer teeth.
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Dec 24, 2020)

– Fixed an issue with possibility to macro by non-identified items
– Bring back ‘%’ command as “Interact with keymaps” and implement the ‘/time’
chat command to display current time
– SDL client: allow fonts to be loaded from “xxx.FON” files and raise the
maximum number of fonts to 60
– Do not disturb after being hit by a non-threatening projected spell
– Add option to avoid getting disturbed when effects end
– Ensure that Dragon and Hydra characters have the proper race when logging
– Added simplified and alternate versions of “monster” directive in font-xxx.prf
files to specify default attribute (monster-char) or attribute by symbol

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