Object generator script

Thanks to Ilius who made script to generate objects from store.txt entries. It helps a lot in creating NPC dialogues 🙂

I’ve created repo for Tangaria tools&scripts: https://github.com/igroglaz/Tangaria_tools, if you would maky useful stuff, don’t hesitate to create pull request!

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PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 7 released!

– Remove references to “src” path in lib files
– Further improve time bubble indicator
– Add time bubble indicator for tile mode
– Add LighterBlue option for mangclient_gcu.ini to make COLOUR_BLUE and COLOUR_L_BLUE lighter
– Make VAMPIRIC brand actually work
– Add modifiers to races/classes

Note: this release removes stats and other hardcoded values such as infravision for races and classes. For now on, these must be added as modifiers in the race and class text files. For example:
for a race or a class that has a +2 to strength innate modifier.

Values can be entered as a random value string to specify a variable modifier. For example:
will add +1 speed at levels 5, 20, 35 and 50. This will allow to un-hardcode things like Rogue speed bonus for example.

The server has been updated, there was a wipe and one more is coming, when I’ll rework new races 🙂 So for now it is better to play with races that have a small penalty on experience.

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Tiny graveyard @ oook

We got cozy and quiet area at *band graveyard:


Please feel free to post your character dumps there!

Past stream @ Tangaria:

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PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 6 released!

– Add fortune cookies // it helps to reassign NPC dialogues
– Add VAMPIRIC brand // *vampires smile mysteriously*
– Add innate race/class brands and slays // races revamp coming!
– Increase chat message length
– Allow the Dungeon Master to generate more item kinds
– Make time bubble indicator more responsive // now it blinks to help you understand turn-count

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Custom shops, lore and purring cats

New PWMA custom shops system gave awesome possibilities to implement lore – NPC dialogues. Currently I’ve added a dozen NPCs to talk with them.. or you could just to stroke a cat 🙂 Also new NPCs got new items for sale.

Tileset updated, .psd file got new ‘tavern’ door and pair of new NPCs; all ‘custom’ NPCs now in one place.

Recently we had plenty of wipes 🙂 And even more incoming. So please play with low-exp races for now; after a while there would be much less often wipes, so you would be able to play long-term races.

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 5 released!

– Fix autoretaliating with missile launcher not working when afraid
– Further simplify autoretaliating with shooter
– Start from the inventory when throwing items
– Fix speeding effect when shooting with fire_till_kill option while running
– Protect players with two turns of invulnerability on login
– Remove hardcoded player flags/elements set at certain levels

Server updated!

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Click to enlange

Fixed problems with ASCII mode support; game is now playable in it. Right now there are not too much colors supported; after their range would be extended, I’ll add more detalisation to buildings, terrain etc

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Tangaria logo

Russian designer Yaroslav made logo for Tangaria!

As you see it has quite cool idea:
– squares like a room in dungeon 🙂
– “T” looks like a helmet %)

Thank you, Yaroslav!

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 4 relased!

Fixes two critical bugs. List of changes:

– Remove hardcoded flag/element descriptions during character creation
– Simplify and fix fractional blows/shots system
– Fix shops refreshing while player in them
– Add label for dump file in mangband.cfg

Client/server updated!

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PWMA @ github!

Finally had the time to set up a Github repository. You can find it here: https://github.com/draconisPW/PWMAngband

I’ve forked PWMA git: https://github.com/igroglaz/Tangaria; soon I’ll post there Tangaria’s data 🙂

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